By: Kate Stelzel

All About Me

Welcome all to my first ever blog post! Thanks for tuning in, I am so excited to share my experiences with you all. So, I am a psychology major at Georgia Tech (C/O 2022!!) and I am super excited to be enrolled in ENGL 1102 – TV and feminism.

In high school I was a part of the IB program and was enrolled in IB Lang HL for 2 years. This class involved a lot of speaking, writing, reading, and analyzing. This was especially hard for me because almost once a month we had to give some type of speech on a paper that we were analyzing. Now, I had no problem analyzing the paper, but being able to speak in front of my peers and talk about it scared me to death. Although it is something I got better at, it is still my weakest point and defiantly something that I am nervous for in ENGL 1102. I know that in this course I will be able to experience an English class a little differently in the fact that I will be dealing with all the factors of W.O.V.E.N and hopefully that will allow me to branch out and become more comfortable doing things I’m not as used to!

BUT something I am used to is the topics of this class and it’s one of the main reasons I am so excited to be in this class. I am a huge feminist and honestly, I was a little scared to take this class because I thought I might go crazy feminist on everyone… but I’m controlling myself so far! Also, I am defiantly a huge television fanatic, I love binge watching a full series… yes, I have a problem and no I will not fix it! And the show I am super excited to start very soon is New Girl. I have heard so many good things about this show, but I just kept not finding time to watch it. And now it’s my homework to watch it so I guess I don’t have an excuse anymore! I have seen so many memes and gifs about the characters in New Girl and honestly, they are so relatable.

I cannot wait to start the show and I hope you all stay tuned for my next blog!!

Peace Out