Hi – I’m Katie Roberts, a first year Biomedical Engineering student. I’m currently planning on graduating in 2022, but check back in 4 years to see if that actually happens.

My experience thus far with English classes has been typical – I read a lot, I annotated a lot, I analyzed a lot, and I mastered the formulaic 5-paragraph essay. I truly love reading and my Goodreads history will prove it. English 1102 – Television and Feminism will be my first GT English experience and my first class focused around a central theme where everything is interconnected. I really enjoy written communication, partly because its what I’ve practiced the most, but also because it allows me to reflect and then revisit my arguments. However, even though it is my favorite form of communication, I believe I can still become better at it – especially with more creative pieces. I really hope to strengthen my oral communication, as I dread speaking in front of crowds. I’ve made a lot of progress from when just commenting in class turned my face red and caused my entire body to shake, but I need to improve my ability to convey my arguments clearly through words.

I’ve watched TV my entire life – from the Disney Channel as a child to my current frequent Netflix binges. My TV habits encompass a wide variety of shows – from Madam Secretary to Parks and Recreation to Below Deck. Unpopular opinion: I love spoilers. I cannot watch an episode without stalking the wiki page or reading reviews online. This prevents me from watching shows live because I must know what happens before I watch it. I haven’t watched shows on a physical TV for over 4 years; I watch everything through my laptop. Furthermore, I definitely consider myself a feminist and try my best to stay well versed in everything surrounding that topic. My introduction to feminism stems from a gender studies unit two years ago: it opened my viewpoint to intersectionality and the important aspects of feminism that I had never considered before because I had never experienced them.

I have chosen to review The Mindy Project. It’s been in my personal queue for a long time and I’m excited to finally watch it. This show focuses on a New York based OB-GYN and her struggles within her practice and personal life. I’ll admit my primary motivation for choosing this show is because I’m thoroughly obsessed with The Office, and I’m hoping this show’s writing will fill my sassy humor quota. Also, based on my love of Greys and Scrubs, I evidently have a fascination with medical shows. To sum up: Mindy Kaling + medicine + comedy = strong contention for a new favorite show!

A picture of me at my first time visiting Georgia Tech’s campus