Hey everyone!! My name is Carson Hulsey, my major is Literature, Media and Communication, and I plan on graduating in 2022.

I had the opportunity to take a photo with a real Oscar at Disney World in February.

This is my first English class at Georgia Tech and I’m very excited to delve into the material. I enjoy written communication because I have always been able to get my message across most effectively through the written mode. I started writing short stories when I was in Kindergarten and have enjoyed it ever since. I struggle with oral communication because I have always been least confident delivering my message using the oral mode. I have given many presentations throughout my academic career and I always get nervous and shaky when doing so. I definitely hope to improve my oral communication skills this semester by having more confidence in myself and practicing presentations.

I am unquestionably a TV addict. I don’t watch TV every single day necessarily, but I have watched it a bunch these last few years. I bought a ChromeCast about a year ago, which allows me to cast Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. onto my TV. Since I bought a ChromeCast I have watched countless shows and YouTube videos. One of my favorite lazy past times is to dive into a new show. I watch a mix of comedic shows, like The Office and Workaholics, more serious shows, like Parts Unknown and The Crown, and shows in the middle, like Shameless.

I have chosen to review Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a CW series that revolves around a lawyer, Rebecca Bunch, who went to Harvard and Yale and works at an elite New York law firm. After a stressful day at work, Bunch runs into her first love, Josh Chan. He tells her that he’s moving to West Covina, California because New York wasn’t for him. Later, Bunch decides on a whim that she’s going to move to West Covina herself so she can find happiness as well. I chose to review this show because I have friends who’ve watched it and enjoyed it and because I’ve read positive reviews online. I have also heard that it’s a polarizing show that gives viewpoints that usually aren’t displayed on TV so I’m excited to see how those viewpoints are portrayed.

I believe that this semester is going to bring up many points that I have never explored and give me a new perspective on how television and feminism intertwine. I’m so excited to learn and grow with all of you this semester!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Co-Creator and Star: Rachel Bloom