Hey guys! Welcome to the first of a series of experimental blog posts! My name is Cindy Wang. I am an environmental engineer hailing from Fairfax, Virginia, a suburb of D.C. My anticipated year of graduation is 2022, but fingers crossed on how that goes!

English 1102: Television and Feminism with Dr. Wilson is my first and last English course to take at Georgia Tech. In high school, I had the privilege of taking AP Language and Culture and AP Literature. In the first, I acquired some rhetorical analysis, compare and contrast, and persuasion skills. In the latter, we mainly focused on reading comprehension and analysis of passages and poems. My favorite areas of communication are probably visual and nonverbal. As someone who is a bit of a movie addict, I pay lots of attention to the visual effects that are put into videos and photos. Nonverbal communication interests me because I love the psychology behind emotional expression. Sometimes, one look or a slight hand gesture can give away how someone is feeling or suppressing their true thoughts. On the flip side, I am not a huge fan of electronic communication. Ironically, as someone going to a technology school, I am not a big fan of computers or reading things online just because it’s a bit distracting to have the interwebs at an arm’s length. Additionally, there is something about the smell of fresh printed paper that beats a bright screen any day. Because of my distaste, I tend to avoid electronic communication and even now, I’ve found that contemplating tweets has been the hardest part of this class for me. I hope that I can improve all parts of my communication skills, but especially explore the electronic side as I have virtually no experience in online posting.

Before catching a severe case of senioritis last year, I really never watched television. I never had cable growing up nor was my family subscribed to any streaming service. Aside from being a loyal Pawn Stars viewer, I really watched an average of one show a year, pirated online of course. However, I found lots of time second semester of senior year to waste time, and I caught up on all the shows my friends recommended to me. Nowadays, I watch Netflix but only for this class.

The TV show I have chosen to review this semester is Wynonna Earp. The main reason why I have chosen to review it is because it was filmed in Calgary, Alberta, which is the same province of Canada that I am from. The story is about a demon hunter whose purpose is to purge her town of supernatural entities. From the summary, I feel Westworld vibes mixed with what I imagine Supernatural is like, which sounds like an interesting mix. I can’t wait to be surprised by what I see!

Wynonna Earp TV Ad