Hey there! I’m Ajanta Choudhury, and I’m a Biology major that’ll (hopefully) graduate in 2022! English/Language Arts is a subject I’ve always been fond of because of its emphasis on writing and reading. This is my first English class at Georgia Tech but hopefully not my last since I’m aiming to take some LMC courses. Out of the WOVEN communications, written and oral communications are my favorites. With written communication, I can always improve the way my ideas are being conveyed, and I find that from grammar to word choice, its elements allow me to have a very precise control over how I express myself. As for oral communication, I used to really fear it, but 4 years of debate in high school gave me the practice I needed to feel more comfortable about speaking publicly. While it still makes me a little nervous, the personal nature of oral communication appeals strongly to me, and I find it fun to experiment with my tone or speaking cadence and see how that affects my oral communications.

As for the WOVEN communications I struggle with, I struggle most with visual and electronic communications. For visual communication, I always struggled with this as a kid and compared myself to my friends, which didn’t help. I believe I’ve improved my ability to communicate visually since then, but it still feels unnatural to me, and I’m still self-conscious about this skill. As for electronic communication, I’m competent, but I’m not as tech-savvy as I’d like to be. I’m hopeful that I’ll improve at both this semester, though.

Feminism and intersectionality are both topics I care greatly about, and I like TV. When I watch a TV show, I either binge watch it or take forever to finish even one episode—there’s never any in-between. I try to watch different types of TV shows, but my favorite genres are drama—especially political or medical drama—and comedy, though stand-up comedy (if it counts as TV) is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. I don’t know as much about how TV represents or perpetuates feminist issues, though, so I’m super excited for this opportunity. Choosing a TV show to review was difficult because I’ve been meaning to watch several of the shows listed, but ultimately, I’m going with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

So excited to watch this!

I don’t know that much about the show besides its basic premise and title, so I feel like I’ll better be able to enjoy watching this show. The premise is very intriguing to me; it seems like the show will explore a different perspective on the not-uncommon portrayal of a crazy ex-girlfriend, and I think that subversion will be very interesting to watch.  Plus, I’m a sucker for musical projects, so I think this’ll be my type of comedy.