So I read this meme that said, “when you’re smart enough to know you’re awkward but not smart enough to know how to not be awkward”…. and honestly, it was wayyy too relatable.

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The Bold Type encourages viewers to embrace their individuality.

My name’s Eve; I’m an International Affairs and Modern Languages major studying German, but if I’m being real with you, I kinda suck at it. I’m supposed to graduate in 2022, but again, if I’m being real with you, we’ll see how that goes. I like to think of myself as a walking contradiction because I am a public/motivational speaker, in which I can stand on a stage in front of thousands of people and speak, but in small group settings I am reallyyy awkward and I cannot “small talk” to save my life. Hopefully, throughout this semester that will change ( i.e. I’ll become less socially awkward… somehow).
Over the summer, I was here at Ga Tech (roughhh, ik:/) I spent 5 weeks taking 3 classes, each of which are usually taken during a 16 week period. But hey, I figured why not melt my brain with compound stress and get 7 credit hours out of the way, right? Anyways, so one of the classes I took was English 1101. The topic in my class was basically, whether college represented in popular culture is comparable to college in real-life. In this class, we watched tv shows, read scholarly articles, and wrote annotated bibliographies, similar to the projects we are doing in this English 1102 class.
I am choosing to review The Bold Type because not only did I watch this TV show while trying to gain the motivation to continue living while taking classes here over the summer (jk, I promise), but also it is an extremely relatable show that brings to light many controversial topics that impact women across the world, teaching us that even though it’s awkward sometimes, it’s ok for us to take chances, be ourselves, and just live life to the fullest.