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Alex is one of the only male writers at Scarlet Magazine.

…. or at least that is how it is on Freeform’s tv series The Bold Type. Predominantly made up of female characters, having all three main characters be women, this show is shifting the axis away from male-dominated television and into a new direction of strong independent ladies. Of course, there are men within the show, but it is fairly clear that at Scarlet Magazine, a fictional company within the show, men are outnumbered by a mile. However, it is not just the representation of women that The Bold Type brings to the table, but also the many controversial struggles faced by the female gender in particular.

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Jane is just a regular girl trying to figure out her life.

In the first two episodes of The Bold Type we meet the main characters: Jane, Kat, and Sutton, and we see almost immediately that each of these women are facing their own personal problems. Jane, a newly promoted writer, is faced with the difficult task of writing a magazine piece on her “best orgasm”. Since she has never had one, the thought of this task is terrifying and makes her feel isolated as it seems all of her friends have more experience than her and she even goes as far as calling her OBGYN in order to make sure she does not have anything “wrong” with her.

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This is Kat and Adena… you can see the heart eyes from a mile away.

Kat, on the other hand, is extremely active, but yet is facing difficulties in pinpointing her sexual identity as she is starting to have feelings for Adena, a Muslim lesbian photographer (who in herself brings to light differentiability and acceptance not usually seen on television). Being that Kat has only previously had relationships with men, she feels as though that makes her heterosexual and views in the show witness her almost trying to convince herself of this fact. Then there is Sutton who is, for all intensive purposes, sleeping with the boss and in doing so risks her job if anyone finds out.

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Sutton and Richard (her boss’s boss and her bf).

Each challenge faced is different in many aspects, but also similar in the respects that there is a double standard for women, as each character fears judgment that perhaps would not be placed on them where they another gender. The problems brought to light by this tv show are common occurrences for women everywhere, however, it is only on The Bold Type that we see these issues being taken on. The Bold Type shows women that they are not alone in the obstacles they face.



The Bold Type shows women that they are not alone.