After watching episode 3 in season 1 of New Girl it is obvious that the writers are trying to convey how everything doesn’t always go as planned. After being invited to a mutual friends weeding, everyone decided on certain things they wanted to happen at the wedding. Before going to the wedding everyone seemed upbeat and excited to have a good time. Schmidt had plans to sleep with the hottest girl at the weeding (his college crush). Nick strived to prove to his Ex-girlfriend that he was over her and had moved on. And Winston, after finally getting his first job in 2 months, became dedicated to being the perfect usher at this wedding. As you can guess none of their plans panned out for them.

Throughout the course of the show everyone’s plans got destroyed. Nick instead of proving his ex-girlfriend wrong, fell right back into her trap and again was crushed when she told him she didn’t want a relationship. Schmidt’s goal of finding the perfect girl took a wrong turn when he ended up sleeping with his usual wedding buddy instead of the girl he pined for. And Winston, ended up failing at his job because he took it was too seriously and forget how to act as a responsible adult. In fact, the only person who was able to enjoy her experience at the weeding was Jess when she decided to be herself. Jess was okay with going with the flow and she didn’t care if what she wanted was going to happen, she just had fun.

I believe the writers are trying to prove that being too set on one outcome can cause distress. If you are open minded and are willing to compromise from the start most things will be much more enjoyable and much less stressful. Image if Schmidt, Nick, and Winston went into the weeding with no expectations for what would happen… there would have been a very different story line.