If you have ever worked out to one of those exercise videos, you know what I am talking about when I say the person teaching those workouts could definitely have a second job as a motivational speaker. As weird as it sounds, however, it’s actually true. The coaches have a knack for getting people to “keep going” far past the point of when they would much rather give up.

The Bold Type - How To Negotiate Your Salary Like A Queen - 1002

Jane waiting to find out if she will be sued.

The Bold Type - How To Negotiate Your Salary Like A Queen - 1009

Sutton speaking to Oliver about giving her benefits.

The Bold Type uses the voice of a cycling class instructor as a voice-over in the episode “No Feminism in the Champagne Room”, as multiple major events are happening in each of the main character’s lives. The instructor’s voice reigns over the images of Sutton as she goes into her new boss’s office and demanded benefits since her new job does not pay enough and she knows that she is worth more than what he is willing to offer. The inspirational voice continued as Jane sits in a conference room facing the threat of a lawsuit from a woman she has written a story on and who is now blaming her for some misfortunate events that happened since the release of the story.

The Bold Type - Will Kat And Adena Be Able To Work Things Out? - 1012

Kat telling Adena that she wants to be in a relationship after her spin class.

The voice of the coach continues still, from its original source, where Kat is in the cycling class listening to the encouraging words as she is trying to sort through her own feelings of confusion where Adena is concerned.

Words like, “you are here for a reason!”….“test what you are capable of” ….“ the journey is just as important as the destination, so embrace the incline!”… “push through, you are stronger than you think”, are playing in the background of the episode. Though it is an exercise instructor who is originally only speaking for her students, her words are universal to all of the obstacles faced by the girls in the show.

There are also moments of silence within the episode. Set in between louder music, everything will stop in order to bring attention to a few words or one specific event. Like when Kat poured her heart out to Adena, the music played loudly, yet when Adena said she was leaving for Paris to try and fix things with her girlfriend, all music faded away. This happens again when Jane finds out that she has the BRCA gene mutation and is more at risk to get breast cancer than others.

Image result for gif the bold type jane finds out she has brca gene mutation

Jane getting a blood test to see if she has the mutation.

The use of a voice over is typically not used in The Bold Type, however, in this episode, it makes an impact on the viewer, as do the moments of silence. Both affect the emotions of the viewer. Unselfconsciously making viewers feel as if they are a character on the show themselves.