Jessica Day has not gotten over her breakup. Despite making a singles-only club in season 6 episode 3 Single and Sufficient, she is still absolutely, irrevocably in love with longtime roommate and best friend Nick Miller. How she decides to deal with this fact, however, is beyond my understanding, and her sad attempts to get over him compose the themes of the beginning of season 6: Jess is adorkable, love-sick, and clueless what to do about it.

Jess does not know what to do about Nick and her one-sided infatuation with him

In episode 5 Jaipur Aviv, Schmidt and Cece start work on their fixer-upper, and naturally everyone else in the gang helps out. While Cece decides what color to paint the bathroom and Winston ponders whether the house was used as the set in an old pornographic film, Nick announces that he wants his new girlfriend to move in. Jess, rather than address the situation like an adult, confronting Nick and telling him about her feelings, decides to spearhead the goal, confronting everyone and pleading with them to let his girlfriend move in. This is central to the theme. Jess loves Nick, and although she cannot love him like she could when they were together, she can show her love by making him happy, allowing and advocating for his new girlfriend to become her new roommate.

You may think: Why would you do this to yourself Jess? Can’t you see this will only make you miserable? Who wants to see their ex-boyfriend that they’re still in love with cozying up to their new girlfriend in the living room?!? Jess’s mind does not work this way, and that’s what makes her adorkable, love-sick, and clueless about how do fix her problems.

This theme continues in episode 6 Ready where Jess announces to the gang that she is “ready” to date other men. It is clear however, that Jess is NOT ready to date other men. Her first date with her singles club friend went so horribly that he ended up in the hospital with missing teeth and stitches.

In episode 6, Jess decides to kiss her new date at the gym, where he ends up knocking 2 teeth out.

The themes of Jess being adorkable, love-sick, and clueless about how to fix her problems are central to the show. Without any of these themes, New Girl would not be nearly as popular, and it would not have Jess and Nick’s relationship be so central to the show and its plot. The premise of the show is that Jess relies on her friends for help and is adorable, clumsy, and makes a massive fool out of herself. The show argues these themes by Jess hiding from Nick physically and emotionally. When will Jess ever be honest with herself and others? Possibly never if these tropes remain true.