In the episode that I will talk about, Xavier, the crazy guy who thinks that the world is going to end soon, got a job at the same company that Evie works at. She is the girl that left her “almost husband” to live an ‘adventure’ with Xavier. They wanted to do things that they always wanted to do before the world ends. Most of the workers at this company were dissatisfied with their job and did not enjoy their careers and what they had to do every day. They always complete the same mundane task every day, and with each passing day they become less and less content with their lives. When Xavier got this job, just to make she happy, he changed the way that things worked, making the work easier and way more fun. He convinced all the workers that life is too short to get into a rut. After convincing workers to do their roles in the way that they like without affecting the production of the company, the profit and production rise and company started make more money. However, even with the increase in profit, they got stopped by the director for being out of the pattern and formal way of work.

Considering all the episodes and analyzing them, I think that the message that this TV show is trying to show us is, if we do what we like and if we do what makes us happy, we will have way more fun and we will live life more ‘easily.’ Everything in our lives can be taken as learning and it is up to us to make this decision. We have priorities in our life and have to choose what make us happier. Xavier does not like to work, but he is happy living his decision. Choose what makes you happy and live life the best way you can. “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing going to be all right.”