For the second Blog Entry, I am focusing on the Cinematography and direction of the episode “Quick Hardening Caulk” (season 2, episode 19) of New Girl. In this episode, there are a lot of major moments.  Jess and Nick would eventually have to confront their underlying feelings about each other and then kiss head-on. These big changes are well represented by the cinematography and direction.

This episode is shot in lots of quick cuts. These quick cuts allow the show to jump from one scene to another in a short time. This matters because these sudden switches from scene to scene help lead up to the climax of this episode at the same time. The quick cuts add to the dramatic effect of Jess and Nick finally kissing again. In addition, these back and forth scenes parallel the sexual tension that Jess and Nick are both feeling towards each other.

There is no evident color scheme in this episode, but because the whole episode is creating a build up to Jess and Nick it seems to have lots of random colors. Maybe the writers chose to do this in order to mislead the audience and throw us off. Also, the disorderly colors could have been referring to Nick and Jess’s relationship: it’s messy. The lighting in this episode also seem duller and then begins to get subtly  brighter towards the led up to Jess and Nick’s kiss. The writer’s choice to do this reflects their intent on making Jess and Nick stand out from the other characters in this episode. The whole episode tends to focus on their relationship and when there are scenes of the others characters they are short and not very memorable. Overall, I believe all the little details in this episode are meant to reflect Jess and Nicks relationship.

ironic Jess quote because Jess is attempting to make a major decision in her life