The show is fast-paced since it has to fit a story line in a 20 minute episode. For this reason, the show is shot in short takes to keep the plot line moving along. This matches the quick nature of the family they are following. The family lives a fast-paced lifestyle. In this episode, the mother’s sister is coming to visit and they need to show off their wealth.

Success Perm

The show shows them quickly getting ready for their family to visit and then the relatives arriving. Then, their family arrives and they move from outside where they discuss the house, to inside the house where they discuss their house more, to their restaurant where they switch between the women showing who got a better bargain and the men discussing the success of their business. Then they move back to their house where more is revealed. All of the shots are very quick and all the actions moves very quickly as it has to.
The show is lit well. This shows how the show is light-hearted and meant to be feel good. The color scheme is a bit dated since it is supposed to be put in the 90s. For this reason, the costumes are designed to look like they are from the 90s. The show also includes a clip from OJ’s trial and a small plot line with that to put in the time period.
This episode does not follow a different format as other episodes. Since the show is a sitcom, each episode tends to follow the same format. There is a conflict that is resolved in the last few minutes. For this reason, it makes sense to follow the same format in a every episode as there is not much time to change it up. Perhaps the last episode contains a cliffhanger without a resolution to keep viewers watching but as this episode is towards the middle of the season there isn’t a change in format.