New Girls Theme

New girl is a show with a strong feminine character who is friends with a group of guys, going against what people might think.  The theme present in many episodes of new girl is the fact that there is a girl who is friends with a group of guys, which some might think wouldn’t work. The main argument is that men and women can’t be friends, someones always gets feelings. Many would think that valid reasons for women and men not being able to sustain friendship, for example, one or both people feel pressure to start a relationship, or its hard to balance a relationship and friendship.  A lot of people who are friends with the oppostite sex consider their friends as possible partners, even if it is a back up. A theme like this isn’t just in the show, its in our everyday lives as well. It relates to something bigger than just a tv show, it argues with society that men and women can be friends, and without much issue.  The fact that Jess is now moving into a change from in a committed relationship to living with a. bunch of guys, it represents her independence and being able to do things on her own after her break up. It also focuses on the main character Jess, who is a string feminine character even though the majority of the cast is male. As a whole the show is very funny and represents each gender well and goes against some social norms, using a lot of flashbacks to show how the guys lived before Jess came around. The show is very realistic compared to other shows on our list, and it represents the difference classes associated with the characters, and shows through there words in actions on the show. I like the fact that its not all dramatic and its very light.