Jess knows what’s up in terms of when it is appropriate to get in the holiday spirit. Correct answer: November 1st. In this week’s episode of New Girl, Jess plans a Secret Santa exchange for the gang. When does she start planning this exchange? Halloween night. Really the morning of November 1st, but you get the point.

Jess getting excited for the holidays

In this blog post, I thought I’d talk about the holiday season. The characters in New Girl made very adult decisions by not focusing solely on the materialistic aspect of Christmas. Even Schmidt who “does not believe in the good Lord” as Cece put it, decided to downplay the gift giving. I think this is a concept that should be more widely accepted. The holidays are more than about spending money! I believe that the months of November and December should be spent drinking hot cocoa and listening to Micael Buble by the fire. None of those things involve sprinting around a mall in a layer of sweat and stress.

Although Jess was a huge advocate for gift giving, the real gift she received was one that could not be wrapped. At the end of season 6 episode 10, Christmas Eve Eve, Jess is surprised by the gang by fake snow and a serenading gospel choir.

Surprised Jess! The gang unveils their gift

This episode exuded the holiday spirit, not in its focus on the Secret Santa exchange but in the friendship evident among Jess, Cece, Schmidt, Nick, and Winston. The characters were thinking of each other in the kindest of ways, thinking of inside jokes they could use to think of funny gifts that the other person would appreciate.

In episode 11, Raisin’s Back, this element of friendship is visible but in a less sappy, lovey, holiday spirit way (which is okay). In this episode, Nick’s girlfriend moves in. This causes a lot of drama because she immediately lies to Nick in that she has a secret apartment. Nick lies to her as well in a lesser but equally painful way. This shows the viewer what has been apparent since episode 1: Jess and Nick are meant to be together, anyone else is meaningless to the plot-line of the show. Nick’s girlfriend is not a kindred spirit. She does not fit in with the effortless yet impeccable friendship of the gang, and therefore, she will not last.

Megan Fox makes an appearance as Nick’s girlfriend.