Well as far as the show goes, there is a lot of purple. Purple seems to be Jessica Jones’ color whether it be in her impromptu super suits or the color the screen turns when she is having a breakdown. This most likely comes from the comic book

This illustrating the very aura of Jones being shown to be purple.

coloring as well as Kilgrave’s other name being the Purple Man. So as far as the color scheme of the show, purple is the way to go.

When the screen isn’t purple, a lot of times its rather dark. Jones does a lot of stuff at night, in dark rooms, or poorly lit areas. Even during the day, her life is often times filled with shadows. This tying directly to the overall dark theme of the show and Jones’ figurative walk in the shadows. Specifically the last episode or two of the season conclude the conflict with Kilgrave at night in a place with very few people, away from the rest of the city. I think it stands out because it goes fully into darkness as it concludes with Jones killing Kilgrave.

The way that the show is shot is typical of an action based show. There is a lot of movement and quick shots going from one place to another while also having the occasional fight scene in one area with a long shot from the camera focused on the fighting. When there isn’t anyone being punched, the show works on character and plot development through long takes between characters as they discuss their issues. It allows one to notice changes between scenes of serious discussion, occasional comedy, and quick action based scenes. Some of the ways that it is shot is based on the New York City setting, where when there are a bunch of people walking about, the way the scene has to be shot reflects that setting to show the hustle and bustle. Jessica Jones is a dark and violent show and the cinematography and direction reflect that.