In season 6 episodes 12 and 13, New Girl cinematography and direction is fast paced and filled with humor. While New Girl is a relatively short show, lasting about 20 minutes per episode, the jokes are plentiful, and the shots reflect this. The shortness of the show and its humorous nature means that quick cuts are most popular. While petty banter among the gang consists of many quick shots, the show does have its longer shots. In more serious scenes, there are more long takes, letting the viewer take in the character’s facial features and responses. For example, when Nick’s girlfriend admits to him that she is excited to read his book but worried that she’ll fall asleep, the camera zoned in on her face, letting the viewer see how genuine she is being.

Nick and Reagan share a heart to heart in a long take on the show

Long takes are not confined to serious moments, however. New Girl has a plethora of awkward moments, mostly but not always made possible by the star of the show Jessica Day. In episode 12, The Cubical, Winston got a long shot after he made a bad joke at the dinner table, pausing just long enough to let the awkward set in for the viewer and the other characters.

The show’s color scheme is quite colorful. Jess usually wears a colorful wardrobe consisting of bright reds, yellows and greens. The show’s bright and chipper color scheme is reflective of the show as a whole. New Girl is a comedic sit com. It’s not a drama. It’s not meant to be heavy, and the color scheme reflects that.

So much brightness. So much color. 

The Cubical and Cece’s Boys do not appear to stand out visually in some way from other episodes. The quickness of pace, bright colors, and quirky characters are plentiful. If anything, I would say that there are more longer, serious takes in these two episodes. Nearing the end of the season, the drama is amping up. Nick’s concerns with his girlfriend Reagan are apparent and reflected in close up, longer takes. The same can be said for Jess’s relationship with her boyfriend; though, their relationship is a little more lighthearted.