English 1102: Television and Feminism

Dr. Casey Alane Wilson • Georgia Institute of Technology

Author: Franco Reyes

New Girls Theme

New Girls Theme

New girl is a show with a strong feminine character who is friends with a group of guys, going against what people might think.  The theme present in many episodes of new girl is the fact that there is a girl who is friends with a group of guys, which some might think wouldn’t work. The main argument is that men and women can’t be friends, someones always gets feelings. Many would think that valid reasons for women and men not being able to sustain friendship, for example, one or both people feel pressure to start a relationship, or its hard to balance a relationship and friendship.  A lot of people who are friends with the oppostite sex consider their friends as possible partners, even if it is a back up. A theme like this isn’t just in the show, its in our everyday lives as well. It relates to something bigger than just a tv show, it argues with society that men and women can be friends, and without much issue.  The fact that Jess is now moving into a change from in a committed relationship to living with a. bunch of guys, it represents her independence and being able to do things on her own after her break up. It also focuses on the main character Jess, who is a string feminine character even though the majority of the cast is male. As a whole the show is very funny and represents each gender well and goes against some social norms, using a lot of flashbacks to show how the guys lived before Jess came around. The show is very realistic compared to other shows on our list, and it represents the difference classes associated with the characters, and shows through there words in actions on the show. I like the fact that its not all dramatic and its very light.

From the Maker of The Simpsons

Before I started my blog post, I have no clue which show I was going to write about. After reviewing the list of shows, I decided to choose New Girl because I felt it was the most popular and it had great reviews on Netflix. Dave Finkel is the screenwriter for New Girl and has done more work with different comedic shows such as 30 Rock and George Lopez, both famous and very comical. He started off small, but now, with New Girl, has made a bigger name for himself entertaining the world with his work.

Imagini pentru new girl nick

The dialogue for New Girl is a conversational type, which is very similar to the other shows he has worked on. This type of dialogue kept me engaged in the show due to their witty jokes and funny dilemmas. Since the show follows five very different people, all living in the same apartment, the show becomes very relatable for many different audiences. I felt like I connected well with Nick, because he was always struggling in keeping a job. Over the summer I tried to maintain multiple lifeguarding jobs but sadly failed. There were many silent moments throughout the show, mainly when a character says something stupid and the others don’t know how to respond or act back to them. I found this to be fairly relatable when I, or my friends do something stupid and we look at each other like “what the heck man”.


What stood out to me is that the show is very different from many other movies or TV shows. Since the episodes are only 20 minute episodes, the conversations between characters are very short and sweet, making them get straight to the point. This increases the validity about how the show is relatable because this is how people interact in real life. I really enjoy the show even though I was skeptical at first, and glad i picked it.

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Intro to Me

Hi! My name is Franco Reyes. My intended major is business here at Tech. I really enjoy business and hope to have my own company one day. I will feel so accomplished once I have something that I made myself. I personal plan on graduating in the spring of 2021. Even though I might be in here for few more months though as I want to get a marketing minor to help with my business ideas one day. Previously I have worked a lot on the reading aspect of English. I have not worked a lot with the writing side of english because my highschool has focused more on analyzing text story lines. But here at Tech I have very much so enjoyed the idea of working with technology to get the point across. I mostly enjoy working with video and visual media. I struggle with writing. I pernal hope to work more on my writing skills.I personally have little experience with the topic of the course. I am not a TV fanatic by any means. I do not like to spend time watch TV, I enjoy nature more. I am looking forward to having a reason to sit down and watch a show though. I feel like it is going to be a good experience for me to watch the show because that is what most normal people do. So I would say I have not watched TV in a while.  I have chosen to review “New Girl”. It is about a girl that breaks up with her boyfriend and move in with three other guys. I personally thought the concept of the show sounded like it had an interesting dynamic. I wonder how the show will play out with the dymic. Like how will they all interact with each other as she is newly single. I hope to enjoy the rest of the show. #engl1102

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