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Author: Kathleen Stelzel

It really is all about Jess

For my last blog post I have chosen to write about season 5, episode 3. In this episode Jess has just left for a jury duty position. This episode is interestingly structured because it shows how everyone relys so heavily on Jess. Jess, although may seem extra and annoying to everyone at times seems to be the one thing that was able to keep the loft together.

It starts with the tension rising between Nick and Cece. Since Jess was not able to be at the loft she tried to delay either of them confronting each other, as she had a plan to solve it once she got back. Of course, this only lasted so long as Nick eventually broke and expressed his anger towards Cece. Because Schmidt was so in love with Cece he couldn’t see all the issues she was causing and therefore just continued to make the situation worse between Cece and Nick. In addition to this, Winston, while attempting to hang a poster that nobody wanted up, accidentally smashed a hammer though the wall. He of course only felt comfortable telling Jess that he messed up, and because Jess wasn’t there he instead decided to hide it and try to solve the problem himself. And because of this by the end of the episode the wall fell completely off.

Finally, by the end of the episode Jess came back, to inform everyone that she wouldn’t be able to return for another month. The loft of course was in pieces, both literally and emotionally. Although everything seemed to be a mess, at same time everyone was still trying to come together to solve their problems without Jess. But the only way that they were able to come to all these solutions were by the short phones calls they all made to Jess during the day. So, hearing that Jess wasn’t going to be back for a month and that she wasn’t going to be able to contact anyone freaked them out. In the next few episodes we see how hard it is for everyone to adjust to this change, but eventually they start to find way to survive on their own.

Some of Jess’s advice that she wasn’t able to give here.

Chaos Everywhere

For the second Blog Entry, I am focusing on the Cinematography and direction of the episode “Quick Hardening Caulk” (season 2, episode 19) of New Girl. In this episode, there are a lot of major moments.  Jess and Nick would eventually have to confront their underlying feelings about each other and then kiss head-on. These big changes are well represented by the cinematography and direction.

This episode is shot in lots of quick cuts. These quick cuts allow the show to jump from one scene to another in a short time. This matters because these sudden switches from scene to scene help lead up to the climax of this episode at the same time. The quick cuts add to the dramatic effect of Jess and Nick finally kissing again. In addition, these back and forth scenes parallel the sexual tension that Jess and Nick are both feeling towards each other.

There is no evident color scheme in this episode, but because the whole episode is creating a build up to Jess and Nick it seems to have lots of random colors. Maybe the writers chose to do this in order to mislead the audience and throw us off. Also, the disorderly colors could have been referring to Nick and Jess’s relationship: it’s messy. The lighting in this episode also seem duller and then begins to get subtly  brighter towards the led up to Jess and Nick’s kiss. The writer’s choice to do this reflects their intent on making Jess and Nick stand out from the other characters in this episode. The whole episode tends to focus on their relationship and when there are scenes of the others characters they are short and not very memorable. Overall, I believe all the little details in this episode are meant to reflect Jess and Nicks relationship.

ironic Jess quote because Jess is attempting to make a major decision in her life

The Writing of Julius Pepperwood – Zombie Detective

This week I watched Season 2, episode 14 of New Girl. This episode (“Pepperwood”) was written by Nick Adam. He has also written episodes of Men at Work, Bojack Horseman, and People of Earth, which are all shows that are somewhat like New Girl in their comedic styles. The dialogue in this episode is structured to keep constant conversations between the characters. There is not a voice over on the show unlike some others, so there isn’t a narrator to fill in the gaps. There is not a narrator in New Girl because the show is very relaxed and doesn’t need heavy direction. Shows usually use voice overs to inform the audience about the plot or more about the characters and what they’re thinking. Those additions are not needed here because New Girl is obvious on the motives and situations of the characters.

Silence is not really used in this New Girl episode. When there is silence, it is usually to set up an interaction between two or more of the characters. Since this episode was very comedic there was no need for silence to create build-up or tension. This episode was very dialogue heavy. Especially since this episode created a high amount of tension between everyone in the loft while trying to discover their “pogo’s”.

What’s your pogo?

One main issue seen in comedies is that the dialog can seem to be forced or awkward when jokes don’t fit but are still added. In contrast, the writing of New Girl and especially this episode, seems very natural. New Girl creates their humor through the interactions between the characters. This makes the show very easy to watch and very entertaining. I always like watching this show because it helps me relax and just de-stress. I can’t wait to binge even more of this show this semester!

Close your mouth. Close your eyes. His mom, I mean lover, is there!!

New Girl, Old Habits

After watching episode 3 in season 1 of New Girl it is obvious that the writers are trying to convey how everything doesn’t always go as planned. After being invited to a mutual friends weeding, everyone decided on certain things they wanted to happen at the wedding. Before going to the wedding everyone seemed upbeat and excited to have a good time. Schmidt had plans to sleep with the hottest girl at the weeding (his college crush). Nick strived to prove to his Ex-girlfriend that he was over her and had moved on. And Winston, after finally getting his first job in 2 months, became dedicated to being the perfect usher at this wedding. As you can guess none of their plans panned out for them.

Throughout the course of the show everyone’s plans got destroyed. Nick instead of proving his ex-girlfriend wrong, fell right back into her trap and again was crushed when she told him she didn’t want a relationship. Schmidt’s goal of finding the perfect girl took a wrong turn when he ended up sleeping with his usual wedding buddy instead of the girl he pined for. And Winston, ended up failing at his job because he took it was too seriously and forget how to act as a responsible adult. In fact, the only person who was able to enjoy her experience at the weeding was Jess when she decided to be herself. Jess was okay with going with the flow and she didn’t care if what she wanted was going to happen, she just had fun.

I believe the writers are trying to prove that being too set on one outcome can cause distress. If you are open minded and are willing to compromise from the start most things will be much more enjoyable and much less stressful. Image if Schmidt, Nick, and Winston went into the weeding with no expectations for what would happen… there would have been a very different story line.

The lack of women in sports broadcasting careers

  1. Hardin, Marie and Stacie Shain. “Strength in Numbers? The Experiences and Attitudes of Women in Sports Media Careers.” Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, vol. 82, no. 4, Winter2005, pp. 804-819. EBSCOhost, library.gatech.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=bsu&AN=20486633&site=eds-live&scope=site.


This article examines the ways and reasons why women are discouraged to join and/or to stay in a sports media career. This helps provide a deeper insight on how women feel about this issue of men dominating the sports world. In addition, the article also talked about women who wanted to stay in sports media because they believed they were making an impact. For example, one woman’s opinion about why she wanted to stay in sports media was because she thought more women working in sports media would lead to better coverage of female sports. She acknowledges that women would reinforce the ideals and commitment of female sports coverage. This article is valuable because it gives many different perspectives from women in sports media and their experiences in it. This change in perspective is helpful in getting first-hand information from women on their experience and thoughts about their possible role in sports media.


  1. Laucella, Pamela C., et al. “Diversifying the Sports Department and Covering Women’s Sports: A Survey of Sports Editors.” Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, vol. 94, no. 3, 2017, pp. 772-792. ProQuest, http://prx.library.gatech.edu/login?url=https://search.proquest.com/docview/1934460324?accountid=11107, doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/1077699016654443.

This article highlights the importance of getting women into sports media because of the effect they can have while in the field. This article looks at how although the field still needs much improvement women are starting to come in and make a difference. It examines how a lot more women are trying to get into sports media. The most important aspect that this article looks at is how women can succeed and move up in the business once they get their foot in the door. Their setbacks come from their preconceptions about women in sports media. So many women believe this because it is how major sports broadcasting seems. This article emphasizes why we need to inform women of the opportunities they can have in sports media. What makes this article so different is it looks at the positive side to women in sports media, in showing how when women are given the chance they can succeed and lead in the sports department.

  1. Paramo, Daniel. “Gender Inequality in Sports Broadcasting Apparent to Viewers.” The Daily Evergreen, The Daily Evergreen, 5 Oct. 2017, https://dailyevergreen.com/17571/sports/women-broadcaster-column/

This news article was written to investigate how people are noticing the lack of females in sports media. It explains how this is more noticeable in today’s fast paced society. It examines how women’s sports are increasing in air time, but the female broadcasters still aren’t making a breakthrough in TV. They explore specific way to help this problem, starting with a local school teacher (Tammy Crawford) who is motivating more women to go into sports broadcasting. She uses mind-blowing statistics each day to underscore the importance of changing this male-dominated field. For Example: “As of 2014, 90 percent of editorial roles, 90 percent of assistant editorial roles, 88 percent of columnists, 87 percent of reporters and 95 percent of anchors, are men. Of the 183 sport talk shows, there are only two female hosts.” This article is valuable because it shows some of they ways people are helping change the problem at it roots. This is central to showing people that this problem can be changed as long as we continue to welcome women into the field.



  1. Pedersen, Paul M. and Warren A. Whisenant. “Successful When Given the Opportunity: Investigating Gender Representation and Success Rates of Interscholastic Athletic Directors.” Physical Educator, vol. 62, no. 4, Winter2005, pp. 178-186. EBSCOhost, library.gatech.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=fth&AN=19409775&site=eds-live&scope=site.


This article talks about how men not only dominate in sports media jobs, but sports coverage in terms of games and airtime. This article is different because it’s a summary of a study conducted about the status and success of athletic directors with a focus on the differences in males and females. This study was conducted with 423 high schools in two different states. The data in this study revealed that masculinity dominated the sports world, specifically in high school (90% of the athletic directors were male). When the study looked at the success rate of the athletic directors, the results showed that females who had worked their way into the sports field were as successful as their male counterparts. These findings are valuable to us because it gives hard facts on the success of females in sports. Understanding the findings of this study help us acknowledge the impact women can have on sports media.


  1. Pfeifer, Kelsey Grace. “A Female Sports Journalist Encouraged Women To Apply For A Position At Sports Illustrated And Twitter Lost Its Damn Mind.” BuzzFeed, BuzzFeed, 18 June 2018, buzzfeed.com/pfeiferkelsey/a-female-sports-journalist-encouraged-women-to-app-37c2n


This Buzzfeed article depicts the events after a tweet was sent out by Charlotte Wilder, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, that encouraged women to apply for an entry-level position at SI’s offices in New York. Although women are underrepresented in sports media when Charlotte tried to reach out to other women she got backlash that she wasn’t being fair. People called her sexist and discriminatory of men for seeking out a woman in sports media, even though all sports media has done for years is seek out men for their field. I think this article is important to showing how a harmless way of trying to get a woman into sports media caused a huge up rage.  This reflects why so many women are afraid to put themselves out there and to join this cutthroat world. The writer of this article, a woman who has been writing about sports for over 5 years added her opinion that women in her field should be a surprise anymore, but yet it still is. She believed this tweet was innocent and was just another way to help support the increase of women in her field.


  1. Price, John. “Where Are All the Women? Diversity, the Sports Media, and Sports Journalism Education.” International Journal of Organizational Diversity, vol. 14, no. 1, Mar. 2015, pp. 9-19. EBSCOhost, library.gatech.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=bsu&AN=101729797&site=eds-live&scope=site.


This article goes deeper into the reasons why we see so few female sports media broadcasters. This study shows how a shortage of female students are choosing to take sports journalism degrees and training courses. It also looks into what is life like for the few female students who choose to take such courses. This article provided another reason for the lack of women in sports media. It blames universities and journalism schools for their failure to recruit individuals from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds. This article also investigates how black and minority ethnic students are under-represented in journalism courses compared to many other subject areas. This supports the idea that sports media and journalism are biased and that they have a specific person they want in their field and they will fight to get those “types of people”. This article is valuable because it shows how if we don’t start to address the problem of women in sports media early in their lives then it might be too late by the time some women realize they might want to pursue a career in sports media.

It’s a … JESS


Jessica Day aka Jess. New Girl centers their show around a bubbly, unconventional teacher in her early thirties who is originally from Portland, Oregon. Having the writers chose to create Jess’s character with a very girlishness attitude was a big change from most of the other shows that are trying to portray female empowerment through a very masculine persona of a woman.  Jess was not meant to be representative of all women, but her character aimed to portray a realistic, emotionally driven individual. The issues and problems she encounters represent the daily struggles that many women go through in their lives. For example, to start of the show Jess is confronted with her cheating boyfriend, and after being thoroughly embarrassed makes a choice to break-up with him. The writers received backlash from their choices to have Jess depicted as emotionally venerable so soon in the show. But the truth is so many women were able to connect with the circumstances Jess was in. Jess is a fantastic embodiment of female power and the writers of New Girl are supporting the idea that many different types of women can embody this too.

In addition, Jess ends up choosing to live with 3 very different men: 1) Nick Miller – who is depicted as a peculiar man who bottles up his emotions and strives to feel like a strong and independent man. 2) Schmidt – a more feminine character that strives for popularity, status, and women. 3) Coach – a very masculine character who doesn’t know anything about talking or interacting with females. These men that she chose to live with can support her in different ways just as she will be able to help all of them in different aspects of their lives. They were all placed together because they “fit”. Although at times it may seem unorthodox it will all work itself out.

Hot Topics Blog

By: Kate Stelzel

All About Me

Welcome all to my first ever blog post! Thanks for tuning in, I am so excited to share my experiences with you all. So, I am a psychology major at Georgia Tech (C/O 2022!!) and I am super excited to be enrolled in ENGL 1102 – TV and feminism.

In high school I was a part of the IB program and was enrolled in IB Lang HL for 2 years. This class involved a lot of speaking, writing, reading, and analyzing. This was especially hard for me because almost once a month we had to give some type of speech on a paper that we were analyzing. Now, I had no problem analyzing the paper, but being able to speak in front of my peers and talk about it scared me to death. Although it is something I got better at, it is still my weakest point and defiantly something that I am nervous for in ENGL 1102. I know that in this course I will be able to experience an English class a little differently in the fact that I will be dealing with all the factors of W.O.V.E.N and hopefully that will allow me to branch out and become more comfortable doing things I’m not as used to!

BUT something I am used to is the topics of this class and it’s one of the main reasons I am so excited to be in this class. I am a huge feminist and honestly, I was a little scared to take this class because I thought I might go crazy feminist on everyone… but I’m controlling myself so far! Also, I am defiantly a huge television fanatic, I love binge watching a full series… yes, I have a problem and no I will not fix it! And the show I am super excited to start very soon is New Girl. I have heard so many good things about this show, but I just kept not finding time to watch it. And now it’s my homework to watch it so I guess I don’t have an excuse anymore! I have seen so many memes and gifs about the characters in New Girl and honestly, they are so relatable.

I cannot wait to start the show and I hope you all stay tuned for my next blog!!

Peace Out

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