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Annotated Bibliography for How Gender Representation has Evolved Across Generations in Children’s and Adolescent Television

Towbin, Mia Adessa, et al. “Images of Gender, Race, Age, and Sexual Orientation in Disney       Feature- Length AnimatedFilms.” Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, vol. 15, no. 4, 2004,    pp. 19–44., doi:10.1300/j086v15n04_02.


Disney being the most common and largest children’s movie provider and television distributor, is one of a child’s and adolescent’s largest media influence throughout their upbringing. Whether it is watching their TV channel or movies over the television, Disney is the perfect place to start in terms of analyzing how gender representation has evolved over time in children’s and adolescent’s television.  Luckily this is the first study done on Disney movies on this topic of not only gender portrayals but also race, age, and sex portrayals. This source breaks down how Disney movies often depict many stereotypes whether it be showing only women who are under 30 and extremely thin or men who are dominant and successful. Interestingly, this source also shows how men are typically shown as emotionally unstable and violent when faced with challenges rather than thoughtful and profound. What is really amazing about this source is that it breaks down sections by the: a.) gender, b.) the stereotypes, c.) evidence and movies where this happened.


“Gendered Media: The Influence of Media on Views of Gender.” Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender,        & Culture, by Julia T. Wood and Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz, Cengage Learning, 2017, pp. 231–244.


This source summarizes research of media in the late 90’s and how stereotypes in the media caused children and adults to live those stereotypes rather than let them be just that, stereotypes. This source further provides information on how children’s shows have grown boys into men who continue on the stereotypes that the shows in their childhood depicted. The article even gives an example where the 70’s TV, which showed women as nothing more than objects who satisfied men and did housework  and showed men as indifferent and rowdy, contributed to the end of the “gentleness” of men characteristic of that decade. This article is especially important because it shows that, inadvertently, the depiction of both men and women in children’s shows and children’s music videos causes for both genders to suffer in how they interact with each other and how it confines each other into cookie cutter family, social, and emotional roles.


Eick, Kelly. “Gender Stereotypes in Children’s Television Cartoons.” Definition, May 1998,         web.calpoly.edu/~jrubba/495/paper1.html.


This source is about a study on 5 children’s television shows, one created before 1985 and the rest after. In the study 5 episodes of each show are recorded for the numbers of male vs. female characters, physical characteristics of characters, and male/female roles in dilemma-solving and stereotyped jobs. The 5 television shows were very popular, among them were Scooby Doo and The Jetsons. Females were found to be highly underrepresented, accounting for only one-fourth of the characters and never the main characters.

This research is especially helpful at providing information about the children watching the show and how stereotypical shows affect the children at such a young age. For example, boys were found to be generally stubborn and not willing to watch shows with female leads whereas girls were more open and okay with watching shows with male leads. But the research also shows how society has improved over time with females gaining more screen presence.

Johnson, Fern L., and Karren Young. “Gendered Voices in Children’s Television Advertising.”Critical       Studies in Media Communication, vol. 19, no. 4, 2002, pp. 461-480. ProQuest, http://prx.library.gatech.edu/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.prx.library.gatech.edu/docview/220423928?accountid=11107.

This source analyzes television commercials directed at children for the purpose of selling toys and the different tactics used for boys versus girls. They specifically tracked the verbs used in the respective commercial categories. The results supported the stereotypes of genders where male children oriented commercials used verbs relating to action, rivalry, control, domination, and aggression and female children oriented commercials used verbs relating to sedentary life styles, caring and nurturing, and emotions. The article also proves the importance of commercials that come between children’s television shows and how they have just as much influence on children if not more than television shows themselves. For example, “if a child watches just one hour of commercial television per day, that child would likely be exposed to at least 160 ads each week.”(Johnson) This piece opened my eyes to how I approached our research question: children’s television doesn’t only incorporate the shows themselves; it also incorporates the thousands of commercials that run between them. That can also be the reason that gender stereotypes have suffered. Perhaps people were so focused on eliminating gender prejudice from shows that they never considered commercials and what it feeds into the minds of their children.


Daalmans, Serena, Mariska Kleemans, and Anne Sadza. “Gender Representation on Gender-Targeted    Television Channels: A Comparison of Female- and Male-Targeted TV Channels in the       Netherlands.”Sex Roles, vol. 77, no. 5-6, 2017, pp. 366-378. ProQuest, http://prx.library.gatech.edu/login?url=https://search.proquest.com/docview/1927952499?acco   untid=11107, doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11199-016-0727-6.

This study in the Netherlands takes a step back from the television shows themselves and broadly looks at gender targeted television channels instead. This study does an excellent job showing how even gender targeted television channels fall into stereotypes. Male targeted channels had predominantly male characters. However, rather than female targeted channels having predominantly female characters as would be expected, they were found to have more equal gender representation. The research also showed that in recent male oriented children’s television channels show a continuation of the typical male dominant television shows whereas, female oriented children’s channels had more shows with reversal of stereotypes and gender equality.

This source is excellent in showing how while male television fights to keep male dominance, female television simply fights for basic equality and how this is also consistent in children’s television. The research is quite comprehensive, covering 1091 characters over 115 television shows over 4 channels.

Karniol, Rachel, Shiri Reichman, and Liat Fund. “Children’s Gender Orientation and Perceptions of Female, Male, and Gender-Ambiguous Animal Characters.”Sex Roles, vol. 43, no. 5, 2000, pp. 377-393. ProQuest, http://prx.library.gatech.edu/login?url=https://search.proquest.com/docview/225371758?accountid=11107.

This article explores gender stereotypes and gender perception by children and adolescents for animals who were clearly female, clearly male, or gender-ambiguous. This is the first article that I’ve come across that also delves into the realm of gender ambiguous stereotypes and perceptions by both males and females. This article shows how the early onset of gender stereotypes in children causes them to immediately begin trying to stereotype those gender ambiguous characters, even animals. Forexample, more often than not, gender ambiguous animals that are aggressive such as tigers, lions, snakes will automatically be perceived as male whereas more calm animals such as hippos, cats, and fish. Not only that, boys are found to have more of a liking for male and gender neutral characters whereas girls don’t show any clear favoritism between genders. Also, the results of the study show that we live in such a deeply patriarchal society that boys and girls both display a better liking for shows with a male animal character lead.



From the Maker of The Simpsons

Before I started my blog post, I have no clue which show I was going to write about. After reviewing the list of shows, I decided to choose New Girl because I felt it was the most popular and it had great reviews on Netflix. Dave Finkel is the screenwriter for New Girl and has done more work with different comedic shows such as 30 Rock and George Lopez, both famous and very comical. He started off small, but now, with New Girl, has made a bigger name for himself entertaining the world with his work.

Imagini pentru new girl nick

The dialogue for New Girl is a conversational type, which is very similar to the other shows he has worked on. This type of dialogue kept me engaged in the show due to their witty jokes and funny dilemmas. Since the show follows five very different people, all living in the same apartment, the show becomes very relatable for many different audiences. I felt like I connected well with Nick, because he was always struggling in keeping a job. Over the summer I tried to maintain multiple lifeguarding jobs but sadly failed. There were many silent moments throughout the show, mainly when a character says something stupid and the others don’t know how to respond or act back to them. I found this to be fairly relatable when I, or my friends do something stupid and we look at each other like “what the heck man”.


What stood out to me is that the show is very different from many other movies or TV shows. Since the episodes are only 20 minute episodes, the conversations between characters are very short and sweet, making them get straight to the point. This increases the validity about how the show is relatable because this is how people interact in real life. I really enjoy the show even though I was skeptical at first, and glad i picked it.

#engl1102 #femtv #newgirl

Wynonna Earp: The Bad, and The Ugly

Wynonna Earp does not put its best foot forward on the first episode, especially regarding the cinematography. If I could pick one word to define the cinematography of the show it would be “bland.” When it comes to how the show is shot and how it looks, Wynonna Earp does nothing to stand out from the crowd.

The way Wynonna Earp is shot is incredibly boring. This is illustrated best in how the show handles dialogue. There are, for the most part, two way the show shoots its dialogue. The first way is what I will call the “play method”. This is when dialogue is shown with a wide shot from the front which is basically what one would see if one was watching a play. This way of shooting dialogue is the most uninspired way possible. It’s how movies one hundred years ago were shot before people figured out how to movie. It’s also the same way High-schoolers do it for school projects. Plain and simple, the play method is incredibly lazy, even for TV standards.

The “play method” is dialogue shot as if the viewer were watching a play.

The second way the show shoots dialogue is the classic shot reverse shot. This is a film technique where the camera faces one direction towards a character and then the opposite direction towards another character. Most commonly, the character being filmed is the one speaking. In Wynonna Earp, whenever the dialogue is not the play method it is shot reverse shot, usually over the shoulder. With this method of shooting, Wynonna Earp succeeds in using an actual film technique. Congratulations! Unfortunately, this technique has become stale because it is so ubiquitous. However, that is not to say it cannot be innovated upon. For example, the Coen brothers are famous for filming the reaction of the character not speaking as the other character speaks. Unfortunately, once again Wynonna Earp makes no such innovations.

Shot reverse shot: One character is filmed from one direction and the second character is filmed from the opposite direction.

Overall, Wynonna Earp lacks any creativity when it comes to how the show is shot. None of the shots are original or even cool in any way. All the shots seem the same which is terrible for the show. It makes the show boring to look at, regardless of how interesting the dialogue is. Simply put, the look of the show is totally bland.

Putting the Girl in New Girl

So far in this course, I’ve watched a lot of television and tweeted more often than I ever have before, and if I’m being honest I’ve enjoyed it.  And as much fun as it is to watch these great shows it’s easy to forget that there is a purpose here, and it is to investigate how feminism is making an impact on modern day television.  So let’s get to it, let’s look at the portrayal of gender in New Girl.

Firstly let’s break down the representation of gender within the main character’s.  There are a total of 6 main characters as of now:  5 male and 2 female.  The four male characters (Nick, Schmidt, Coach and Winston) all live together with Jess.  The two female characters (Jess, and Cece) are best friends going through an interesting point in their lives with Jess recently moving in with the guys.

The men do perpetuate the common idea that all guys in their 20’s love to drink beer, go to bars, and watch sports.  Schmidt’s stereotypically male character, who is obsessed with hooking up with attractive random girls, is balanced by Nick’s emotionally vulnerable persona.  Then there is Coach who’s so guyish that he can’t talk to women (hilariously so).

Then there’s the female characters and for the purpose of this blog we are going to ignore Cece since (two episodes in) she hasn’t contributed much to the plot line.  So let’s talk about Jess.  Jess is an emotionally unstable grade school teacher who loves to sing to herself and, no matter how hard she tries, can’t seem to be one of the guys.  There is a strong dynamic that exists in the show based upon the fact that the guys and Jess are fundamentally very different, but not in the way that I expected.  I expected Jess to be an over the top feminine character who struggles to deal with the guys life.  Instead, Jess struggles to fit in with the guys, not because she’s girly, but because she’s incredibly awkward (and fun to watch).

Jess stands out as a very unique female character the likes of which I haven’t seen before in a comedy.  And perhaps the most interesting part of this show is that Jess and her actions are the driving force of the show.  No matter the advice given by other characters or the desires of others, the show relies on Jess to make decisions to move the plot of the story.  You might think this is obvious since Jess is the main character, however, in other shows this is not the case.  For example, in Jane the Virgin, Jane is the main character but her decisions usually have little effect on the storyline and rather the decisions of those around her drive the plot.  New Girl stars a unique female lead who is, without a doubt, making her own decisions and in charge of her own life.  An interesting development when looking at feminism in television.

Intro to Me

Hi! My name is Franco Reyes. My intended major is business here at Tech. I really enjoy business and hope to have my own company one day. I will feel so accomplished once I have something that I made myself. I personal plan on graduating in the spring of 2021. Even though I might be in here for few more months though as I want to get a marketing minor to help with my business ideas one day. Previously I have worked a lot on the reading aspect of English. I have not worked a lot with the writing side of english because my highschool has focused more on analyzing text story lines. But here at Tech I have very much so enjoyed the idea of working with technology to get the point across. I mostly enjoy working with video and visual media. I struggle with writing. I pernal hope to work more on my writing skills.I personally have little experience with the topic of the course. I am not a TV fanatic by any means. I do not like to spend time watch TV, I enjoy nature more. I am looking forward to having a reason to sit down and watch a show though. I feel like it is going to be a good experience for me to watch the show because that is what most normal people do. So I would say I have not watched TV in a while.  I have chosen to review “New Girl”. It is about a girl that breaks up with her boyfriend and move in with three other guys. I personally thought the concept of the show sounded like it had an interesting dynamic. I wonder how the show will play out with the dymic. Like how will they all interact with each other as she is newly single. I hope to enjoy the rest of the show. #engl1102

I want to be successful one day

Beginning Of The End

My name is Alex Mealey and I am an Aerospace Engineering Major from Orlando, Florida.  I would like to graduate in 2022 but I wouldn’t be too upset if I were to graduate in 2023.

(me in 2023) “oh well”

I’ve been taking english classes since 6th grade and I’m both excited and sad to say this will be my final english class.  In the past, english class have always been one of my lighter classes usually consisting of reading books, writing book reports, and writing off a prompt.  It wasn’t until my junior year when I took IB HL English that I really began to appreciate what I was learning in English.  In this class we spent our time working on our writing styles and analyzing the writing style’s found within articles, movie scripts, novels, blogs and other forms of media.  This class challenged me since the grading was much tougher, however, this was the first time that I began to appreciate all of the applications for my english class.

Looking at the WOVEN aspects of communication I personally enjoy Oral communication the most.  I love to talk in small groups as well as give speeches to large crowds.  I feel more comfortable using my words on the spot than writing words on a paper.  I think the written aspect of WOVEN would be my weakest mode simply because my writing isn’t very captivating.  I hope to improve this through reading the works of good writers in this class.

When it comes to feminism in television my experience is limited to just watching TV with female characters.  I am a pretty big TV fan though, with my favorite shows ranging from Psych to How I Met Your Mother all the way to Rick and Morty.  Most of the TV I watch comes from platforms such as Netflix and Hulu since I don’t have the patience to wait for a week per episode.  I’m very excited to expand my horizons by watching TV shows I wouldn’t typically pay attention to.  For example, I already really enjoyed the good place.

“You like the good place too?! Holy shirt!”

Finally, for my TV show I have chosen to watch New Girl.  New Girl is light hearted and comical, the kind of show I usually enjoy, however I’ve just never gotten around to it.  I also have some high school friends who swore this show was hilarious so I’m giving it a try.  The premise behind the show is that a newly single young woman, “Jess”, moves into an apartment with three also young men.  The show follows the group as they struggle with relationships, and go on hilarious adventures.

Jess is truly an odd character

For updates on my experience with New Girl check out my twitter @MealeyAlex.  Well this is it, my first blog post for my last English class… very bittersweet.  Welcome to the beginning, beginning of the end (wow that sounds way more sinister that I thought it would but I kind of like it).


New Semester, New Girl

Hi, my name is Wendy Yao!  I’m a first year majoring in chemical engineering, and like most other freshmen, I hope to graduate by 2022 … but we’ll see.

Me in 2022 when I’m supposed to graduate

English has always been one of my favorite classes, though they’ve generally been “traditional” English classes filled with reading quizzes and poetry discussions.  My high school English classes were generally chill because strict memorization was less important than synthesizing creative arguments or debating the virtues of Shakespeare’s antagonists, though there were still assessments to worry about.

Out of all the categories for communication in WOVEN, my most favorite would be written, and my least favorite would be oral.  After all these years of practicing my writing skills, I’d like to believe that they’re at least semi-decent.  I enjoy using written communication because of its permanence and because of the time I’m given to compose and collect my scattered ideas.  Even when writing this blog post, I’ve been jumping around, writing some sentences first before going back to fill the gap.  As a result, my issue with oral communication is that I like having time to gather my thoughts, whether it’s presenting a coherent response to “How may I help you today?” or contributing thoughtfully to a group discussion.

English 1102 is my first and last English class at GT, so it’ll definitely be memorable, especially because of the course theme.  I grew up watching some TV in the form of PBS Kids and CW4Kids shows, such as Clifford the Big Red Dog and Yu-Gi-Oh.  At some point in my childhood, TV just kind of faded away to a distant past.  One constant in my life, though, has been Chinese dramas.  Wuxia dramas were integral in my upbringing, and I still manage to find the time to fit in each remake that happens every few years to bask in the nostalgia, unless, of course, the remake is terrible, in which case I just binge my favorite version, all 60 45-minute episodes.   Now, besides c-dramas, I’ve also added Korean dramas to the mix, which tend to average at about an hour long for each episode, so procrastination occurs whenever I’m sucked into the productivity-eating vortex that is Asian dramas.

When you think you have enough time to finish your homework after binging a drama

I’ve chosen to review New Girl, which is a sitcom that finished airing on Fox this year about a zany teacher named Jess in Los Angeles who suddenly moves in with three guys because of a break-up.  I chose this show because the premise and the first episode seemed cheerful and quirky, and I’m interested in learning more about how the relationships among the main characters will play out.  Once I get into a TV series, I can’t stop, so the 20-minute episodes and the definite ending to the show are going to be a blessing.

404: Title Not Found

Heya! My name is Sara Nill. I’m a second year mechanical engineering major from Wexford, Pennsylvania. Hopefully I’ll graduate in 2022!

I’ve taken many English classes in high school, including both AP English classes, but I’ve taken none at Tech. In high school, I was also a member of the speech and debate team, which allowed me to overcome anxiety about speaking in public. I’m still awful at talking to people, don’t get me wrong, but I can talk at people and make some pretty boring things sound interesting. In my four years competing and speaking, I learned how to better communicate orally and use gestures, facial expressions, tone, and more to convince people to believe me. I’ve had decent practice in most forms of communication, but my visual communication can use some work. I’m an artist, but I’ve always been very literal and was never good at interpreting artwork or images.

Image result for speech and debate meme

It was a good, good time.

I didn’t watch much TV as a child ( school is love, school is life ) but in high school and college, my bingeing began. I’ve watched many shows on Netflix and HBO, and now I can be found bingeing shows at 1am. Some of my favorites are Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, and Grey’s Anatomy. I enjoy sci-fi, action, fantasy, comedy, and documentaries, and if these genres can be combined, that’s even better. I also love movies, especially those of the sci-fi and fantasy genre.

For this class, I’ll be reviewing Grey’s Anatomy. I started watching it during the summer, but I didn’t get as far in as I wanted to. Hopefully this will give me a chance to watch farther into the show! Grey’s Anatomy follows Meredith Grey, a new intern at Seattle Grace Hospital and daughter of an esteemed surgeon, as she competes against her fellow interns and deals with her personal life. Through treating patients, performing surgery, and learning, the doctors and residents become closer and develop friendships and relationships. I’m excited to rewatch the first few seasons and really get into it!

Image result for grey's anatomy meme

So ready to cry at 3am!

My very first blag :)

Hi, My name is Ryan Kretzmer. I am currently majoring in chemistry, but I think I want to switch to ChemE because it offers a more career based education. Of course, I hope to graduate in four years, in 2022, but that is always open to change. I have taken English 1101 here at Tech during the summer. It was a Serve Learn Sustain affiliated course which means it had a lot to do with sustainability. I really enjoyed the electronic forms of communication used in that class, for example the first week video and our poster assignment. I particularly enjoyed the poster because it forced me to combine all the modes of communication into one project. The poster was also a hassle because my writing tends to ramble on and lose focus. My first draft of the poster was essentially an essay on a wall, and it looked terrible. Fortunately, I was able to edit it down to be more concise. This semester, I hope to learn to skills to be concise on the fist try. I am also hoping to make my writing more focused on the topic at hand instead of going off on tangents.

Melanie Scrofano as Wyonna Earp

I have very little experience with television. The only shows I have watched recently are the two standards: The Office and Parks and Rec. Other than that I have seen Star Trek and Warehouse 13, both because my dad loves science fiction. I would call myself a TV-newbie, so I am looking forward to the new experience this class will be.

I have chosen to review Wyonna Earp, a show on the SYFY channel. Wyonna Earp follows the story of the ancestor of the famous Wyatt Earp as she battles creatures from hell called the revenants and other super natural creatures. I chose this show because I love science fiction and horror. I have seen a few episodes of Stranger Things, and I really enjoyed them. I think this show is in a similar vein, so I am looking forward to seeing it.

“Hello World”

Netflix original, Sense8, takes on a very unique form of storytelling

Hello World, my name is Blair Johnson. I am coming to tech as a electrical engineering major, and I intend to graduate in 2022 (although we’ll see how that goes). As with most U.S. students, I have been taking English classes for as long as I can remember. In high school I took IB English Lit as well as AP Lang and Comp. These were both very traditional English classes, centering around rhetoric and literary analysis. English 1102 this semester is going to be a big transition from those classes. I have never really explored different forms of media in an English class (save for when an English teacher tried to make us write Buzzfeed style Listicles). Thus, studying television and sharing my thoughts blog posts and tweets is going to be very different from anything that I have ever done before. I hope to get better at more casual, short-format methods of communication. I always feel awkward writing twitter posts, so I will be interested to see if I come out of this course liking twitter or hating it.

I like TV a lot. Increasingly with the rise of high-budget original content from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, I find myself more invested in TV shows than I am in most movies. The ability to bring movielike quality to the longer format of television storytelling is revolutionizing the industry, and I am all for it. On the topic of high budget Netflix original shows, I am going to be reviewing Sense8 in my blog posts. Last year a friend and I had tried to watch the whole series together and we only got a few episodes in. This was certainly far enough to get me  hooked on the show.


My First and Hopefully Worst Blog Post

My name is Matthias Heyrman, I’m a Biomedical Engineer (Business Major Eventually) hailing from the hills of Fairfield, CT, hoping to graduate in 2022 but expecting to graduate in 2023. English is by far my worst subject in school. Though I am a self-proclaimed expert in oral communication, and my friends believe that I practice a bit too often. My worst subject though (besides writing) is visual communication. I can neither produce nor understand visual communication, and in trying to improve this fault am practicing to create videos, gifs, and drawings whenever I have spare time (if I have spare time, this IS Georgia Tech).

I generally don’t watch much Television. TV is usually a background noise for when friends are over and I need something to avoid the inevitable awkward silence of life, and the majority of TV that I watch and pay attention to is old but gold BBC content (any Yes, Minister! or Monty Python fans here?) and some more recent British content, since it is not possible to convince my parents to watch more silly American media. I do have the fault of binging shows on Netflix (and via other means) whenever a friend recommends a show that I get caught on, which has occurred with Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, Disenchantment, and various other funny but ridiculous shows. But these are largely exceptions in my usual media consumption habits, and taking a class that requires large amounts of TV consumption is going to be a somewhat daunting challenge.

How I usually feel when forced to watch TV

Despite this, my primary means of media consumption are YouTube and Reddit, the dumping ground and front page of the internet respectively. I watch endless amounts of videos ranging from channels like TierZoo, to Kurtzgesagt, to Casey Neistat, to Daily Dose of Internet (recommended for people who wanna see happy 2-3 minute videos every few days).  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Internet I also get stuck watching endless amounts of content that isn’t very interesting.

None of us like spam but it’s a fact of life when browsing Reddit

I am going to be watching and reviewing the show New Girl, a show about a girl, Jess, moving into an apartment with 3 men in Los Angeles, and the dramatic and ridiculous events that ensue as they must in a Sitcom. I have already seen the first episode of the show and have been resisting binge-watching it in order to get work done in my first year of college, but now I have a school-related excuse to watch a show that I have been interested in for a few weeks, and I hope that studying it will give me greater insight into how Sitcoms use Visual and Circumstantial comedy. All that’s left now is to start binging!

New Girl is for new girls right?

A Short Story of Someone Who Managed to Stay Under the Word Limit!

Hey there! My name is Aniket Venkatesh, my major is Biomedical Engineering, and my anticipated year of graduation is 2022. Throughout my school years, starting from India, due to English being the secondary language at the school, I was only an average student in English classes. When I moved to the US during 5th grade, I was still only an average English student due to its increase in difficulty, while at the top of math and science classes throughout middle and high school. However, the breakthrough occurred during 12th grade, when I decided to take my first AP English class, AP Literature, simply because one of my friends took it. Not only did I do well in the class despite its difficulty, but also learnt from the teacher herself that I’m better at English than I thought before. With the newly gained skills and increased confidence, I put in the same full effort in the English 1101 class during summer semester at Tech and was rewarded an A.

As stated in my Common First Week Video, I’d say that the part of the communication that I struggle with the most would be oral, especially forming complete chains of thoughts on the go while orally presenting them with as few hesitations as possible. Although I had several opportunities to practice it throughout high school, and have significantly improved since then, I’ll always appreciate more opportunities to keep improving upon the hesitations in this class, be it in the form of oral assignments, projects, etc.

I don’t know if admitting this is a good thing or not, but I don’t watch much TV. This can again be partially traced down to my childhood in India, where playing outside with friends took way more time off each day than sitting indoors and watching TV, although watching Tom and Jerry once in a while was irresistible. After moving to the US, although I didn’t play outside too much as I didn’t have many friends, I still only watched some of the old nostalgic cartoons and tennis occasionally and began watching some news as I began high school. This class will therefore be a brand-new experience for me, and I am excited to see what all I have missed out on in the past when it comes to television.

I’m still always down for more Tom and Jerry.

Finally, the TV show that I’ll be reviewing is Jessica Jones, mainly because of my love for Marvel and many of its superhero-themed movies. Jessica Jones is about a private investigator with the same name whose primary goal is to simply get through each day in the bustling New York City more than saving the world. Her detective agency, Alias Investigations, which she herself founded, focuses primarily on people who have special abilities, inspired in part by her own short-lived career as a superhero in the near past. I’m excited to see how this show turns out, while learning more about television and feminism along the way!

                              Jessica Jones


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