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Intro,ductory; Post:

Hello fellow bloggers and GT students, my name is Kaleb with a K. It is fully Kaleb Gauntt but I have to say with a K so often it might as well be a part of it. I am from Savannah, Georgia. Well, I am sort of from Savannah; I was born in Kentucky and I lived the longest in Anderson, South Carolina, but I have also lived in Missouri and North Carolina. I am a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer who should, but probably won’t, graduate in 2022.

This is the only English class I have taken and will take at Tech as I got my English 1 credit in high school. I, have always, had difficulty; with commas and punctuation, of that sort. I am not so good at speaking English either, at least around others. I do love reading and creative writing, but only by my own will, I generally resent assigned reading and writing because it takes half of the fun out of it. I do hope that I can improve my ability to publicly speak, but I fear, there is not any, hope, with my use of co,mmas and sentence structure. I’ve also been told that I often use passive voice–which is apparently a bad thing–while writing which I find to be a made up concept thrust upon me in the 11th grade.

As far as TV goes, I am a binger. I have binged long shows such as Doctor Who and Supernatural in a matter of weeks. I do try to stay up to date on shows I have caught up on like the Flash, D-Who, or Boku no Hero Academia. Which brings us to another point of my TV lifestyle, I am an anime fanatic. I have watched over 30 anime within the last 2 years and I’m constantly watching more. Though my favorite “TV show” is a web series put out by the production company, Rooster Teeth.

A darker super hero story focusing on a bad ass female hero.

For my TV show, I chose Jessica Jones. It is a show about a lesser known marvel hero who has powers and does super hero stuff. I chose Jessica Jones for two reasons: I have wanted to watch it and I have already watched all of Super Girl.

Wanna know about the New Girl?

Hi guys, I’m Inhee Baek. I am a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering. My anticipated year of graduation is 2021 but I plan to do co-op, so hopefully, I graduate by 2022.

I was not a big fan of English in high school. This made me worry when I decided to take ENGL 1101 at Georgia Tech but it went pretty well because the topic was interesting.

I enjoy the oral mode of communication. I am a person who likes to talk and listen to others. I can clearly express my opinion and understand what others are trying to convey.

Me being confident about the Oral mode of communication

However, I struggle with the written mode of communication as I mentioned in my First-Week Video. Since we have many assignments associated with written mode of communication such as blog posts and twitter, I hope I can improve upon my writing skills in this semester.


I have not watched a TV show since I came to Tech a year ago. Before I came to Tech used to be a TV fanatic. If I am into a show, I binge Netflix at 3am even if It is a weekday and I have an 8AM class the day after. I know that this will make the life at Tech hard because they make it hard to manage my time efficiently. That is why I intentionally stayed away from TV shows. But now I can binge-watch and say it is my English assignment!

Me telling myself it’s fine to watch TV all day because it was an English assignment

I have chosen to review the New Girl. This show is about a girl, Jess, who moved into an apartment with 3 guys and the events that occurred between them. I have already seen the first few episodes and became a big fan of this show. It has an interesting theme and the chemistry between the characters is strong. After I finish this Introductory Blog Entry, I am going to start binging!

New Semester, New Girl

Hi, my name is Wendy Yao!  I’m a first year majoring in chemical engineering, and like most other freshmen, I hope to graduate by 2022 … but we’ll see.

Me in 2022 when I’m supposed to graduate

English has always been one of my favorite classes, though they’ve generally been “traditional” English classes filled with reading quizzes and poetry discussions.  My high school English classes were generally chill because strict memorization was less important than synthesizing creative arguments or debating the virtues of Shakespeare’s antagonists, though there were still assessments to worry about.

Out of all the categories for communication in WOVEN, my most favorite would be written, and my least favorite would be oral.  After all these years of practicing my writing skills, I’d like to believe that they’re at least semi-decent.  I enjoy using written communication because of its permanence and because of the time I’m given to compose and collect my scattered ideas.  Even when writing this blog post, I’ve been jumping around, writing some sentences first before going back to fill the gap.  As a result, my issue with oral communication is that I like having time to gather my thoughts, whether it’s presenting a coherent response to “How may I help you today?” or contributing thoughtfully to a group discussion.

English 1102 is my first and last English class at GT, so it’ll definitely be memorable, especially because of the course theme.  I grew up watching some TV in the form of PBS Kids and CW4Kids shows, such as Clifford the Big Red Dog and Yu-Gi-Oh.  At some point in my childhood, TV just kind of faded away to a distant past.  One constant in my life, though, has been Chinese dramas.  Wuxia dramas were integral in my upbringing, and I still manage to find the time to fit in each remake that happens every few years to bask in the nostalgia, unless, of course, the remake is terrible, in which case I just binge my favorite version, all 60 45-minute episodes.   Now, besides c-dramas, I’ve also added Korean dramas to the mix, which tend to average at about an hour long for each episode, so procrastination occurs whenever I’m sucked into the productivity-eating vortex that is Asian dramas.

When you think you have enough time to finish your homework after binging a drama

I’ve chosen to review New Girl, which is a sitcom that finished airing on Fox this year about a zany teacher named Jess in Los Angeles who suddenly moves in with three guys because of a break-up.  I chose this show because the premise and the first episode seemed cheerful and quirky, and I’m interested in learning more about how the relationships among the main characters will play out.  Once I get into a TV series, I can’t stop, so the 20-minute episodes and the definite ending to the show are going to be a blessing.


Hey I’m Amanda McAuley and welcome to my blog!! I’m a Chemical Engineering major on track to (hopefully) graduate in 2022! Here is a picture of me considering this is an introduction blog post!

This is me #reppin’ #gatech


            This is my first English class at Tech (well it is also my first semester), but last year I took AP Lit and LOVED dissecting books and making arguments. Over the years I have become better at communicating verbally and emotionally. I can make a point and provide evidence, but I can also read people’s emotions to ensure that those are considerations in how I’m communicating. On the opposite side of communication, I’m a terrible listener. I love to talk and inject my opinion, but this year I need to focus on thinking about the things my peers say instead of focusing on what I want add. If I can learn how to listen to others, then I can further develop my ideas and consider more options.

             As far as my experience with the course topic, I have plenty. I’ve had my fair share of binging sessions like everybody else, but more importantly I was brought up in a family that valued Feminism. My dad is the biggest feminist I know, which in my opinion is super cool. He has always exposed me and my sisters to ideas of female empowerment and encouraged me to be aware of discrimination so that I can avoid just standing and watching it happen. I’m super excited to further shape my beliefs and ideals from what we read and discuss in class about Feminism and Television.

        For my blog, I have chosen to watch Fresh off the Boat! It is a series that focuses on an immigrant family in America during the 1990s and their struggles to adapt to a new lifestyle (with humor of course). This sitcom is about embracing the new and retaining the old and I think that I will really enjoy it! I’ve also had multiple people recommend it to me, but I haven’t had time to watch it yet, so I’m planning on killing two birds with one stone! I also really love shows and movies that are based off books/memoirs, so this show also appealed to me from that angle also !!

This makes me super excited to start watching the show because who doesn’t love an American                             Gothic spin off


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