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Visual Design that Fits the Protagonist: Cinematography in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, the character, is rather bitter, sarcastic and owns a dark personality, as revealed by the first episode of the show Jessica Jones. She often displays rudeness, foul temper, and lives alone in an apartment without a lock in the vast New York City. The cinematography of the show therefore exemplifies many dark elements, from certain dialogues to settings to color schemes, to mirror closely to her dark personality.

Jessica Jones’s Apartment

The first episode begins with a backdrop of New York City during night time, followed by Jessica Jones’s narration: “New York City may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does get sleepy around here” while overlooking a shady part of the city. In addition to laying the foundation of her current job as an investigator, this opening scene gives a glance towards her sarcastic personality and her self-confidence due to her preference of being a night owl in such a vast and potentially dangerous city. This self-confidence begins to mold into more of self-centeredness as the viewers begin to find out that despite being an investigator and wielding superhuman powers, Jessica Jones’s main motive is to simply be able to thrive each day and keep her powers under cover over excelling in her job, even though she has managed in completing each investigation assigned.

During one of her sleepless nights, Jessica Jones leaves her apartment to pretty much stalk on other people through a balcony of a run-down building like her own apartment, appearing to be one of the side effects of being an investigator. Then, all of a sudden, a man-like figure approaches to her face then disappears instantly, sending her into what appeared as a PTSD panic. This same PTSD panic, which initially seemed very uncharacteristic of the otherwise emotionless Jessica Jones, repeats again two days later in the morning, one of the few scenes during daytime in the first episode. The imaginary man therefore appears to the viewers as some sort of villain who may not only know about her secret powers and be stronger than her but may very well have encountered her before and tortured her, as the echoing audio following each time she encounters him in her mind suggests.

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Jessica Jones’s Only Weakness: Her PTSD

Finally, the first episode successfully lays the cinematographic foundation of, for the most part, all other episodes of the show, starting with the title pattern of “AKA” before its name to display Jessica Jones’s sarcasm regarding most everything. A few of the following episodes also run for nearly an hour, with several long takes to not only make each episode function like a small version of a movie, but also to center most of it around Jessica Jones, the self-centered protagonist. Overall, although the episode was rather dark for my taste, it is rather intriguing to see a female encompass a role such as Jessica Jones in television and I am certainly excited to see more of it!

Intro,ductory; Post:

Hello fellow bloggers and GT students, my name is Kaleb with a K. It is fully Kaleb Gauntt but I have to say with a K so often it might as well be a part of it. I am from Savannah, Georgia. Well, I am sort of from Savannah; I was born in Kentucky and I lived the longest in Anderson, South Carolina, but I have also lived in Missouri and North Carolina. I am a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer who should, but probably won’t, graduate in 2022.

This is the only English class I have taken and will take at Tech as I got my English 1 credit in high school. I, have always, had difficulty; with commas and punctuation, of that sort. I am not so good at speaking English either, at least around others. I do love reading and creative writing, but only by my own will, I generally resent assigned reading and writing because it takes half of the fun out of it. I do hope that I can improve my ability to publicly speak, but I fear, there is not any, hope, with my use of co,mmas and sentence structure. I’ve also been told that I often use passive voice–which is apparently a bad thing–while writing which I find to be a made up concept thrust upon me in the 11th grade.

As far as TV goes, I am a binger. I have binged long shows such as Doctor Who and Supernatural in a matter of weeks. I do try to stay up to date on shows I have caught up on like the Flash, D-Who, or Boku no Hero Academia. Which brings us to another point of my TV lifestyle, I am an anime fanatic. I have watched over 30 anime within the last 2 years and I’m constantly watching more. Though my favorite “TV show” is a web series put out by the production company, Rooster Teeth.

A darker super hero story focusing on a bad ass female hero.

For my TV show, I chose Jessica Jones. It is a show about a lesser known marvel hero who has powers and does super hero stuff. I chose Jessica Jones for two reasons: I have wanted to watch it and I have already watched all of Super Girl.

Philippe Lamarche in 341 Words

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post. My name is Philippe Lamarche, and I’m a Quebec-born Biology major projected to graduate in 2022. This is my first experience in an English class at Georgia Tech, and there are a couple reasons as to why I’m looking forward to this course. English classes in the past have taught me important lessons that go far beyond the walls of the classroom, and I believe this will be no exception. They have greatly improved my quality of writing, given me valuable public speaking practice, and pushed me out of my comfort zone with multimedia projects. However, my development as a multimedia content creator is far from over, and my gut tells me that I will be getting plenty of opportunities to improve.

Additionally, this class will introduce me to a variety of television shows that will expand my understanding of the genre. I have never been an avid television viewer, so I feel that this is a media outlet that I can learn from. Clearly, people put lots of passion into television shows they produce, so it’s only natural that they would contain insightful themes or interesting comments on the state of society. I’ve picked the television series Jessica Jones in the hopes that it will contain just that. I’m choosing it based on positive reviews I’ve heard from my friends, as well as an interesting premise that I think will keep me captivated throughout all the episodes. It’s a show about a ex-superheroine with a dark past who becomes a private investigator in NYC dealing with people who have remarkable abilities, like herself. The protagonist is really interesting because she is both clearly flawed and clearly powerful, so seeing how she will handle her obstacles in the show should be very interesting. On top of that, she doesn’t seem like the generic strong female lead that we see in certain blockbusters like the Divergent trilogy.

Below is my Common First-Week Video, if you care to learn more about my expectations for this class.

This describes me (hope I English well)

My name is John Ryu, and I am a second year Aerospace Engineering major. Hopefully, I will be graduating in the next 3 years. I’m also out-of-state so paying them tuition fees will be fun.

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How I feel as a out-of-state student

This is my first English class I am taking at Tech (yes, I held off English for a whole year), and it’s already been a much better experience than previous English classes I have taken in High School. I especially like the electronic form of communication we are employing in this class. In previous English classes, every lesson would be another passage to read or another essay to write. This class seems to really focus on the electronic side of communication (probably because the topic covers Television/media).

In other realms of communication, I struggle most with written forms of communication. I always struggled with structuring my essays well. My ideas would often be everywhere on paper, and my essay as a whole would be incoherent with the main idea of the paper. Thus, I hope to improve on this matter through practices such as this blog post.

I am a huge TV fanatic. That’s why I don’t have a Netflix account, because I would probably spend 24 hours of my day watching shows if I did have one. Because of school, I forced myself to only watch 1 or 2 TV series at a time. At the moment, I am watching The Good Place season 2 and The Flash (once new season starts).

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What I become if I get Netflix

The TV show I have decided to review is Jessica Jones, partly because I am a fan of Marvel movies. Also, I am reviewing this show because this character is one of Marvel’s darker characters, and I am curious how Marvel decided to develop this character. This series is about a woman named Jessica Jones who is a ex-superhero with super strength battling post-traumatic stress disorder. She opens her own detective agency that investigates individuals with special abilities.

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