Making the Most of Your Campus Visit: Part 1

This week Elyse Lawson, our Assistant Director in charge of campus visits, joins us as a guest blogger. Welcome, Elyse! As May 1 approaches, students around the country will be deciding which college they will call their “home away from home.” One of the best ways to do that is by visiting campus and exploring … Continue reading “Making the Most of Your Campus Visit: Part 1”

College Admission- What the Funnel?!

Listen to the podcast! Apple | Spotify | Spreaker If we received over 5,000 applications, how did we not end up enrolling over 1,000 students this year?  Wait. You are telling me we are a public college, and we get more applications from outside of our state than from residents within it?  I am deeply concerned. We admitted … Continue reading “College Admission- What the Funnel?!”

How the Olympics Explain College Admission– Part I

Like much of the world, our family was hooked on the Olympics for the last two weeks. So many incredible stories of perseverance and life-long dreams, not to mention many memorable performances. We were distraught by the early losses of US Women’s soccer and Men’s basketball teams, elated by the heart and spirit of Suni … Continue reading “How the Olympics Explain College Admission– Part I”

The Basics of College Admission 2.0

Listen to “We’re Going Back to Basics! | Basics of College Admission 2.0” on Spreaker. Is this a blog about a podcast? Yes.   Do you realize this is not the first time you have done this? Yes. But hold on let’s acknowledge that the first time I did that was on March 5, 2020.  A year plus is always a … Continue reading “The Basics of College Admission 2.0”

Mission Matters

Listen to “Mission Matters (How Mission Factors Into Admission Decisions, and Your College Search)” on Spreaker. After releasing admission decisions, there is always an immediate volley back in the week or two following from disappointed, frustrated, sad, or angry people (typically parents to be honest) who were deferred/denied/waitlisted. (While admitted families sometimes call, it’s not … Continue reading “Mission Matters”