The Admission Guide to… Soup Making ?

I love the fall. It’s hands down my favorite season. Football, holidays, changing leaves, crisp days, and… soup. You can’t really eat soup in the summer in the South (the human body is just not built to tolerate that much heat). Every fall, I feel like I rediscover this simple delicacy. Chowder, French Onion, chicken … Continue reading “The Admission Guide to… Soup Making ?”

Key Changes to SAT/ACT– A Disturbance in the Force!

Several years ago, more American students took the ACT than the SAT for the first time in our nation’s history. Immediately, on the heels of that, The College Board set out to re-design their test. Ahhh… competition. In its wake, the ACT made concrete adjustments too. A palpable disturbance in the testing force- an interstellar … Continue reading “Key Changes to SAT/ACT– A Disturbance in the Force!”

Olympic Gymnastics and College Admissions– NOT FAIR!!!

It’s Not Fair!! I’ve been watching the Olympics a lot lately both at home and in the office (don’t worry tax payers, I’m only viewing at lunch, or when slowly meandering past the lobby TV, or perhaps occasionally on the split screen desktop– what can I say, I’m a multitasker). The other night Gabby Douglas … Continue reading “Olympic Gymnastics and College Admissions– NOT FAIR!!!”

The Waitlist Sucks (part 2 of 3)

The Student Experience Again, I officially apologize that we on the college side are not smart enough to hit our targets dead on right out of the gate. As we established earlier, if we could do that, there would be no waitlists, anywhere! Waitlists suck for students for several reasons, but here are a couple … Continue reading “The Waitlist Sucks (part 2 of 3)”

The Waitlist Sucks (part 1 of 3)

There’s just no easy way to say it. There’s no funny intro or creative analogy. And frankly, it sucks for everyone. To understand the student experience (which we’ll delve into next week), you first have to understand the college’s perspective. The Admission Experience The waitlist is a reminder that I’m not very smart. If I … Continue reading “The Waitlist Sucks (part 1 of 3)”