Timothy Brown

(Mgt 02)

Academic Program Manager II

What were the circumstances of your coming to work at the College of Computing?

I was working in a different unit on campus when a similar opportunity came available in the College of Computing. I applied and was graciously hired.

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time as a student?

I was a student-athlete on a very successful team so many football games that included several wins against Clemson, Virginia, and UGA.

How has the College changed since you were a student?

Klaus sits atop of what used to be the student infirmary, and the Hightower building had the most comfortable couch ever. I could say more but I think that says a lot.

How is GT Computing different than similar institutions?

GT Computing as an organization is very top-down diverse, which is outstanding given our current sociopolitical climate.

What do you carry with you from your time as a student that still informs/influences your personal/professional life?

Our coach had a quirk where being 15 min early for a meeting was considered “on time” and if one showed up “on time”, they’d be late, the meeting would be over and they’d be in trouble. As an example, if the meeting was said to begin at 3 p.m., then the expectation was to be there at 2:45 p.m.. Showing up at 3 p.m. would be a problem for you.

How would you like to see the college grow in the next decade?

I’d really like to see the College embrace the “Tech” in the name and aspire to be so technologically advanced that our unit is compared to the Jetsons as trendsetters. Augmented reality, holograms, green screens, and other bells and whistles should pepper our hallways such that our College would attract visitors who come for the tourist aspect and stay for the education.