Welcome to the Aware Home

Generally, people spend a good amount of time in their home performing everyday activities like: sleeping, eating, cooking, relaxing, entertaining, and so on; thus, it comes as no surprise that the home plays a key role in our health, lifestyle, and well-being. The Aware Home Research Initiative (AHRI) at the Georgia Institute of Technology is an interdisciplinary research endeavor aimed at addressing the fundamental technical, design, and social challenges for people in a home setting. Central to this research is the Aware Home, a 3-story, 5040 square foot facility designed to facilitate research, while providing an authentic home environment.


The Aware Home is a great place for students to learn about research, get involved in research, or conduct their own research studies in the home environment.

Research Areas

Georgia Tech researchers use the Aware Home for developing innovations for everyday homes and evaluating solutions in a controlled authentic home environment

Industry Partners

The Aware Home provides opportunities for industry engagement in our connected living research domains as well as research envisioning the future of home technology.

Highlighted Projects

This project explores the use of technologies in the bathroom to assist older adults with independent living in the home.

Gait Speed

The purpose of this project is to develop a reliable, simple, and cost-effective solution to measuring gait speed in clinical and home settings.