Dr. Garrow teaches two graduate courses that are relevant to airline revenue management and demand modeling for air transportation.

CEE 8813 – Airline Revenue Management

Revenue management (RM) integrates multiple concepts from demand modeling, operations research, and economics. The sheer volume of booking transactions combined with limitations of distribution channels has shaped the historical evolution of demand forecasting and optimization algorithms used in RM. This course covers a variety of topics including demand forecasting and demand unconstraining methods for differentiated and undifferentiated products, leg-based and path-based inventory control methods, and overbooking approaches. Students will gain practical experience in implementing these approaches in Python and explore how RM demand forecasting and optimization approaches used by one airline influence revenue outcomes for that airline as well as its competitors using a competitive RM simulator. Click here for the course syllabus and here for the course website (note the course website is password protected).

CEE 6650 – Discrete Choice Modeling

This graduate course presents the theory and practice underlying the formulation and estimation of models of individual discrete choice behavior. The course will provide students with an understanding of the theory, methods, application and interpretation of multinomial logit (MNL), nested logit (NL) and other members of the Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) family of models. It will also include an introduction to mixed logit models, latent class models, and advanced modeling concepts (e.g., methods to account for price endogeneity).  The homework assignments will be based on Larch, an open-source software platform developed by Jeff Newman that has been downloaded more than 200,000 times and is used by many planning organizations, state DOTs, and consulting organizations to estimate discrete choice models. This course — as it is taught by Dr. Garrow — is particularly relevant for students who are pursuing research in airline planning and revenue management as it relates to modeling airline passenger behavior, itinerary choice, offer management, and ancillary pricing. Click  here for the course syllabus and here for the course website (note the course website is password protected).