Zahra Shivji
Don’t let the name “chemical engineering” (or other students’ reactions to it scare you! It’s definitely challenging, but in the end, you’ll be all the better for it.

Zahra Shivji

Standard Option

Senior | FL

Co-ops and Internships

Argonne National Lab, Summer 2021

CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program, Summer 2020

Guy Harvey Research Institute, Data Analysis and Web Development


Air quality and Aerosols, Dr. Sally Ng (current)

VIP-Graphene Battery Technology

Graphene Characterization Research in Hong Kong

Study Abroad

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Fall 2019

Student Involvement

ChBE Ambassador

Student Government Association, Sustainability Committee

Honors Program

Honors Program Leadership Council

Living Learning Communities Council

Veggie Jackets

GaTech Office of Recycling