May/June Service Anniversaries

Home Department Name Work Department Service Date Job Title
May 2020
15 Years
Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory Temenoff,Johnna Sue Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory 2005/05/02 Assoc Chair-Academic
10 Years
Mechanical Engineering Wan,Ming Mechanical Engineering 2010/05/17 Asst Dir-Financial Ops
Engineering, College of Ogork,Asu Arrey Engineering, College of 2010/05/24 Systems/IT Architect Lead
Electrical & Computer Engr Lyn,Janine Allison Electrical & Computer Engr 2015/05/08 Faculty Support Coord
Mechanical Engineering MacNair,David Luke Mechanical Engineering 2015/05/11 Academic Professional
Electrical & Computer Engr Bindra,Harmeet Singh Computing, College of 2015/05/26 Instructional Associate
1 Year
Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory Peck,Hannah Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory 2019/05/01 Research Technician II
Civil & Environmental Engr Beaulieu,Stephan Civil & Environmental Engr 2019/05/06 Financial Admin I
Civil & Environmental Engr Norvell,Victoria R Civil & Environmental Engr 2019/05/06 Lab & Facilities Coord
Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory Schaff,Carson D GCMI and T3 Labs 2019/05/01 Med Dev Engr Proj Manager
Aerospace Engineering Roy,Satadru Aerospace Engineering 2019/05/15 Research Engineer I
Electrical & Computer Engr Cho,Minkyu Electrical & Computer Engr 2019/05/23 Research Engineer II
Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory Rotolo,Laura Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory 2019/05/01 Research Scientist I
Electrical & Computer Engr Harper,Christopher Richard Electrical & Computer Engr 2019/05/19 Test Technician I
Electrical & Computer Engr Harper,Christopher Electrical & Computer Engr 2019/05/19 Test Technician I
Electrical & Computer Engr Wilkins,David Electrical & Computer Engr 2019/05/19 Test Technician I
JUNE 2020
35 Years
Industrial & Systems Engr Foley,Robert D Industrial & Systems Engr 1985/06/24 Professor
20 years
Electrical & Computer Engr Adibi,Ali Electrical & Computer Engr 2000/06/01 Professor
Electrical & Computer Engr Danmola,Fanchette R Electrical & Computer Engr 2000/06/05 IT Support Prof Sr
15 Years
Mechanical Engineering Zhang,Dingkang Mechanical Engineering 2005/06/01 Senior Research Engineer
Aerospace Systems Design Lab Lewe,Jung-Ho Aerospace Systems Design Lab 2005/06/24 Research Engineer II
5 Years
Mechanical Engineering Lowe,Virggie Mechanical Engineering 2015/06/04 Academic Assistant II
Engineering, College of Radcliff,Christopher D Engineering, College of 2015/06/08 Acad & Res IT Supp Engr Sr
Mechanical Engineering DeSalvo,Michael Mechanical Engineering 2015/06/15 Postdoctoral Fellow
Electrical & Computer Engr Burke,Amber C.N. Electrical & Computer Engr 2015/06/22 Admin Professional Sr
1 Year
Civil & Environmental Engr Barham,Corliss L Civil & Environmental Engr 2019/06/01 Admin Professional III
IBB Seed Grants Laird,Zachary S Electrical & Computer Engr 2019/06/26 Mechanical Specialist
Aerospace Engineering Ali,Hisham Kamaleldin Aerospace Engineering 2019/06/10 Research Engineer II
Aerospace Engineering Cox,Adam William Aerospace Systems Design Lab 2019/06/10 Research Engineer II
Electrical & Computer Engr Shim,Wonbo Electrical & Computer Engr 2019/06/15 Research Engineer II
Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory Sridhar,Sreesh Biomedical Engr, GT/Emory 2019/06/27 Research Technician I