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I am a Senior Research Scientist at the School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology. I have carried out theoretical research in the area of small, finite size systems at the intersection of Atomic and Molecular physics (trapped ultracold atoms and ions), Condensed Matter Physics (quantum dots, metal clusters, and graphene nanostructures), quantum chemical methods applied outside traditional Chemistry (unrestricted Hartree-Fock, Configuration Interaction), and Nuclear Many-Body Physics (second RPA and methodology of symmetry breaking and restoration). My current project is in ultracold atoms and trapped ions.

Email: constantine.yannouleas [AT]


  1. C. Yannouleas and U. Landman,
    Exact closed-form analytic wave functions in two dimensions: Contact-interacting  fermionic spinful ultracold atoms in a rapidly rotating trap,
    Letter, Phys. Rev. Research 3, L032028 (2021),
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    Using computer symbolic language and numerical exact diagonalization, the authors derive closed-form exact analytical solutions for two-dimensional spinful hard-core-repelling fermions under fractional quantum-Hall conditions, exhibiting intrinsic structure of Wigner molecules and spin anatomy of quantum skyrmions.

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    Unrestricted Hartree-Fock electron density in a parabolic quantum dot for the case of 19 electrons at zero magnetic field, exhibiting breaking of the circular symmetry and formation of a Wigner crystallite (or Wigner molecule). For details, see publication No. 68 at this URL

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