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Advanced Radiation Protection Dosimetry

Although many radiation protection scientists and engineers use dose coefficients, few know the origin of those dose coefficients. This is the first book in over 40 years to address the topic of radiation protection dosimetry in intimate detail.

Advanced Radiation Protection Dosimetry covers all methods used in radiation protection dosimetry, including advanced external and internal radiation dosimetry concepts and regulatory applications. This book is an ideal reference for both scientists and practitioners in radiation protection and students in graduate health physics and medical physics courses.


  • A much-needed book filling a gap in the market in a rapidly expanding area
  • Contains the history, evolution, and the most up-to-date computational dosimetry models
  • Authored and edited by internationally recognized authorities and subject area specialists
  • Interrogates both the origins and methodologies of dose coefficient calculation
  • Incorporates the latest international guidance for radiation dosimetry and protection


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Refereed Book Chapters

Elsevier Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy

Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy provides a comprehensive and reliable overview of the many ways nuclear energy contributes to society. Comprised of four volumes, it includes topics such as generating clean electricity, improving medical diagnostics and cancer treatment, improving crop yields, improving food shelf-lives, and crucially, the deployment of nuclear energy as an alternative energy source, one that is proving to be essential in the management of global warming. Carefully structured into thematic sections, this encyclopedia brings together the vast and highly diversified literature related to nuclear energy into a single resource, with convenient to read, cross-referenced chapters.

This book will serve as an invaluable resource for researchers in the fields of energy, engineering, material science, chemistry, and physics, from both industry and academia.

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Active Interrogation in Nuclear Security

This volume constitutes the state-of-the-art in active interrogation, widely recognized as indispensable methods for addressing current and future nuclear security needs. Written by a leading group of science and technology experts, this comprehensive reference presents technologies and systems in the context of the fundamental physics challenges and practical requirements. It compares the features, limitations, technologies, and impact of passive and active measurement techniques; describes radiation sources for active interrogation including electron and ion accelerators, intense lasers, and radioisotope-based sources; and it describes radiation detectors used for active interrogation. Entire chapters are devoted to data acquisition and processing systems, modeling and simulation, data interpretation and algorithms, and a survey of working active measurement systems. Active Interrogation in Nuclear Security is structured to appeal to a range of audiences, including graduate students, active researchers in the field, and policy analysts.

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