St. Mark AME

HABS Documentation

Thomas Bray | Weston Byerly | Griffin Fish | Benjamin Ullrich

The following research was conducted initially as a portion of the Race & Space Seminar taught at Georgia Tech. The students, Thomas Bray, Weston Byerly, Griffin Fish, and Benjamin Ullrich documented St. Mark AME for HABS submission.

HABS Drawing Set

What We Discovered:

We as group discovered what a deep and rich history this site has for not only the directly surrounding neighborhood, but all of Atlanta. After becoming St. Mark AME, the location hosted several Atlanta-North Georgia Annual conferences, held graduations for Booker T. Washington Highschool, and allowed many notable speakers to grace the congregation such as Mrs. Lillian Carter, Mother of former Georgia Governor and U.S. President James Earl Carter, The Honorable Governor Herman Talmadge, and The Honorable Mayor Maynard Holbrook Jackson. The site has been the home of several congregations, which included many different religious dominations. Sense the fire which destroyed the majority of the building only leaving the original beautiful stone façade we see today, the site has been used as an event space. Providing out door gathering spaces for the still practicing St. Mark AME, wedding venues, and many more. We also discovered that all of the structure which is still standing today is original, other than the new doors added on the North, East, and West facades. All of the stone work is hand carved and hand set, created a beautiful mosaic like façade. We also discovered who the current owner of the site is, Pastor Winston Taylor. Pastor Winston is a well known and beloved member of the community. Pastor Winston has big plans for revamping the space, to not only preserve the beautiful original architecture, but curate a practical establishment which is helpful and affordable for all those in the surrounding neighborhood.