Progress in preservation

St. Mark

Located on English Avenue in Atlanta, old St. Mark AME was originally built in 1920 for the Western Heights Baptist Church. In 1948, as the congregation changed from white and working class, the building was sold to St. Mark AME, where it served the area’s new demographics until 1976. Since then, the space has remained vacant and largely unused. Plans to not only preserve the space but to develop new programming opportunities and proposals that would revive the space as a central community space for English Avenue.

Evolution of St. Mark AME over time, from 1993 until now, as it goes into a state of disrepair.

St. Mark AME

Mar 2, 2022

What we’ve done

Since taking on this project, St. Mark AME has been explored in a multitude of ways, from initial documentation through the Race & Space Seminar in Spring 2021, to independent research from multiple students up until now.



Research HABS Documentation


Independent Research by Students


Design Proposals by Students

overview of St. Mark AME

Drone footage (taken 07-28-21) of the site.

Zoning and policy