2020 Virtual Competition and Highlights

Even though we could not be together physically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire ORS community came together for the last few weeks of the semester to put together a Virtual Research Competition. Students were asked to continue on and finish their research posters, and they also put together a 12 minute presentation on their research. While this replaced our typical Poster Presentation format in person with two faculty judges, the students definitely maintained their high quality of work. Faculty judges still judged each presentation and poster, and the two highest scoring groups received First and Second place Research Award. The peer review judging was also conducted virtually, as all students and mentors were able to judge each poster on technical quality and visual appeal. Congratulations to our winners for the 2019-2020 year! You can see the work that the students produced on this page, as well as view our virtual awards ceremony here:

Virtual Awards Ceremony (Full Length)

2019-2020 ORS Award Winners

First Place Research Award

Second Place Research Award

Peer Review Award

Outstanding Service Award

2019-2020 ORS Highlights

Research Competition: Video Presentations

#1: Audio Spoof Detection with Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients and Gaussian Mixture Models

Akhil Gazula, Vincent Wang, David Yu, PhD Mentor: Chuyao Feng, Faculty Advisor: David Anderson

#2: Hiding Data in Sound

Rahil Ajani, Kombundit Chitranuwatkul, Harley Ovell, PhD Mentor: Derrick Chu, Faculty Advisor: John R. Barry

#3: Parallel Path Signal Transmission forCapacity and Reliability Enhancement

Shelby Crisp, Abigail Drun, Yue Teng, Rob WalkerPhD Mentor: Shang-Jen Su, Faculty Advisor: Gee-Kung Chang

#4: Traversing the Latent Space of Generative Models using Paired Comparisons

Mark Faingold, Miguel Garcia, Jason Palmer, Matthew O’Shaughnessy, PhD Mentor: Christopher Rozell, Faculty Advisor: Mark Davenport

#5: Next Generation Transparent Rectifying Antenna Design for Space Solar Power

Erik Centeno, Alaina Do, Rafael Figueroa, Evan Shi, Lycia Tran, PhD Mentor: Cheng Qi, Faculty Advisor: Gregory Durgin

#6: Audio Classification into Musical Tones Using Mixed Signal Processing

Adrija Bhattacharya, Justin Kelley, Albert Zhi, PhD Mentor: Aishwarya Natarajan, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Hasler

#7: Sensor System for Biomolecule Detection Using Flexible Sensor Array

Luca DeCicco, Leah Jackson, Katie Weatherwax, PhD Mentor: Gunhee Kim, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bernard Kippelen

#8: The Haiti RELAY Project: Empowering Haiti with Affordable Energy

Carah Camron, Amadou Diallo, Kevin Liow, PhD Mentor: Kartavya Agarwal, Faculty Advisor: Deepak Divan

#9: Optimizing Processor and Memory Peripheral Circuits Utilizing Computational Algorithms

Kenneth Holder, Jongheon Park, Mohamad-Baasim Rehan, Michael Schmidt, PhD Mentor: Mufutau Akuruyejo, Faculty Advisor: Azad Naeemi

#10: An Investigation of Micromotor Technology EnablingMechanically Reconfigurable Reflectarrays

Alessandria Holley, Nathan Jenkins, Saiharshith Kilaru, Chandler Mason, Maria Saito, PhD Mentor: Joshua Roper, Faculty Advisor: Andrew Peterson

#11: Spectral Optimization Via DiscreteProlate Spheroidal Sequences

Juan Antonio Elizondo-Villasis, Siddhanta Panda, Vijay Nilesh Prasad, PhD Mentor: Coleman DeLude, Faculty Advisor: Justin Romberg

#12: Exploring Fabrication of Thin-Layered TMD Solar Cells

Hubert Elly, Shashwati da Cunha, Yi Li, William Schaffer, Advisors: Minkyu Cho, Shyh-Chiang Shen

#13: High Resolution Imaging and Object Detection for NASA’s JunoCam

Alison Kennedy, Caleb Page, Gracen Wallace, Cory Wang, PhD Mentor: Amoree Hodges, Faculty Advisor: Paul Steffes

#14: Inverse Design of Electronics using Machine Learning

Vinay Balamourougan, Eunsan Mo, Jessica Graham, PhD Mentor: Majid Ahadi Dolatsara, Faculty Advisor: Madhavan Swaminathan

#15: Buzzing with Energy: Blooming Origami Coilfor Wireless Drone Powering

Ashton Hattori, De-Pei Ho, Aksaya Manickandan, Nia Rich, Daniel Yang, PhD Mentor: Aline Eid, Faculty Advisor: Manos M. Tentzeris

Presentation and poster have been omitted to protect laboratory privacy.

#16: Cooperative Exploration of Unknown Environments Using a Robotic Snake-Turtlebot Leader-Follower Pair

Alexander Faché, Sterling James, Kimberly Lie, PhD Mentor: Alex Chang, Faculty Advisor: Patricio Vela

#17: A Robust Learning-Based Motion Planner for Navigating an Unknown Environment

Brennon Farmer, Dylan Nektalov, Tara Poteat, Rajan Vivek, PhD Mentor: Shiyu Feng, Faculty Advisor: Patricio Vela

#18: Convolutional Neural Networks in a Hardware Accelerator Design

Malik Burton, Mory Fode Traore, Laura Heller, Tarun Maddali, PhD Mentor: Xiaochen Peng, Faculty Advisor: Shimeng Yu

#19: Improving the Performance of Online Predictive Modeling of the Thermal Effect of Bioimplants

Michael Goldstein, Solomon Martin, Nikhil Patel, Alex Xu, Phd Mentor: Ayça Ermiş, Faculty Advisor: Ying Zhang

Peer Review: Posters

Click here to download a PDF of all of the poster submissions.