Year 2014-15

Efficient Signals Processing Lab:

Data Fusion with Deep Learning in a Multimodal Tongue Drive System

Virginia Dobson, Dr. David Anderson (Faculty Advisor), Jingyuan Liang, Nathan Parrish (PhD Mentor), Tony He

Power Electronics Lab:

Thermal Monitoring of Induction Machines via Active DC-Signal Injection

Vidya Iyer, Dr. Ron Harley(Faculty Advisor), Julie Bezabih, Tshim Tshimanga, Lijun He (PhD Mentor)


ATHENA Research Group:

Wireless Sensor for Indoor Climate Monitoring Using Additive Manufacturing Techniques

Vivian Chew, Saad Khan, Niara Simpson, John Kimionis (PhD Mentor), not pictured: Dr. Manos Tentzeris (Faculty Advisor)

Communication Systems Center:

Mapping Throughput and Goodput of the Georgia Tech Campus to Add Roadside Units Optimizing Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Dr. John Copeland (Faculty Advisor), Jason Mar, Brad Medeiros, George Udeochu, YoonJi Lee (not pictured), and Billy Kihei (PhD Mentor)

Human-Automation Systems (HumAnS) Lab:

Reflection of Modulated Radio Ambient Backscatter Communication Using Perfect Pulses

Jenny Hunter, Gregory Williams, Brittney English (PhD Mentor), George Tzintzarov, Dr. Ayanna Howard (Faculty Advisor), and Jonathan Tuc

Intelligent Vision and Automation Laboratory:

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping on a Cost Effective Terrain Platform: A-bot

Miguel Serrano (PhD Mentor), Shashwat Sitesh, Robert Lee, Angel Daruna, Andrew Shutzberg, Dr. Patricio Vela (Faculty Advisor)

Communication Systems Center:

Cryptographically Curated File System

Chris Beaulieu, Thomas Saekao, Dr. John Copeland (Faculty Advisor), Aaron Goldman (PhD Mentor),  Mallika Sen, Ikenna Uzioje, not pictured: Joaquin Chung-Miranda (PhD Mentor)


Deconvolution and Matched Filtering of Ultrasonic

Oscar Ocampo, Dr. Jennifer Michaels (Faculty Advisor), Greg Luppescu, Alexander Dawson (PhD Mentor), Kristen Fernandez, James Song, Cindy Chen

EMC^2 Research Group:

Electromagnetic Covert and Side Channel Attacks on Smartphone Keyboards

John Xu, Devin Slater, Michelle Zhang, Nina Basta (PhD Mentor), Dr. Alenka Zajic (Faculty Advisor)

RF Propagation Group:

5.8 GHz RF Energy Harvesting Using Inkjet Printing on a Flexible Substrate

Francesco Amato (PhD Mentor), Philip Wolfe, Kevin Mairena, Anteneh Haile, Hiba Murali, not pictured: Dr. Greg Durgin (Faculty Advisor)


Mobile Speech Assessment of Depression in Patients with Aphasia

Orlando Rodriguez, Angelique McCoy, Dr. Elliot Moore (Faculty Advisor), Stephanie Gillespie (PhD Mentor), Jane Erickson, not pictured: Snehitha Reddy

EMC^2 Research Group:

Electromagnetic Information Leakages From FPGA Board

Dr. Alenka Zajic (Faculty Advisor), Cici Zhang, Nina Basta (PhD Mentor), Eric Pollmann, Kedar Manishankar

GT Bionics Lab:

The Implementation of a Wirelessly Powered Experimental Arena for Long-Term Neural Recording Experiments

Jack Zhang, Dr. Andrea Crowell, Morgan Tinkler, Daniel Canales, Abed Mirbozorgi (Mentor), Dr. Tig Rainnie, Dr. Maysam Ghovanloo (Faculty Advisor), Dr. Teresa Madsen, Iris Colendrino

Brain Lab:

Developing a Printable Tensile Sensor Node using 3D Inkjet Printing Techniques

Parth Patel, Jonathan Osei-Owusu, Dr. Elliot Moore (Faculty Advisor), Ivan Walker (PhD Mentor), Zach Johnson, not pictured: Nina Nwosu

Wireless Sensor Network Lab:

Supercapacitor Charge Redistribution and Its Influence on Power Management of a Wireless Sensor Node

Dr. Ying Zhang (Faculty Advisor), Oreofe Aderibigbe, Ruizhi Chai (PhD Mentor), Yuanda Zhu, Moustapha Seck

Energy Systems Research Lab:

Maximizing the Amount of Installed Photovoltaic Capacity Allowed on Distribution Networks

John Seuss (PhD Mentor), Dr. Ron Harley (Faculty Advisor), George Vellaringattu, Andy Sheng, Aissatou Barry, Wondewosen Kihinet


GITrac Satellite Tracking System

Amadeo Bellotti (PhD Mentor), Steven Forsyth, Enoch Olutayo, Page Swanson, Rafael Perez,  Dr. Paul Steffes (Faculty Advisor)

Sensors and Intelligent Systems Laboratory:

Power Management of Supercapacitor-Operated Wireless Sensor Network

Jinming Hu, Qianao Ju (PhD Mentor), Dr. Ying Zhang (Faculty Advisor), Kyu Jin Lee, Erik Fagan

Mixed Signal Design Group:

Improving the Signal Integrity and Power Consumption in High Speed Circuits

Kevin Rhyne, Ben Schmidt,  Sridhar Sivapurapu,  David Zhang (PhD Mentor), not pictured: Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan (Faculty Advisor)