Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I do with Sites@Georgia Tech?

The following list is not all-inclusive, but gives you an idea of what you can do with Sites@Georgia Tech:

  1. Create a WordPress Powered Website to represent:
    A Portfolio for any student or employee,
    The Professional Presence for a faculty member,
    A Research or Class project,
    A Georgia Tech unit
  2. Select an accessible website theme for a pre-installed themes, including one that is suitable for Georgia Tech units
  3. Customize your selected theme using the WordPress Customizer and through adding custom CSS
  4. Enable a variety of pre-installed plugins to enhance your site
  5. Map a domain name (e.g. “”) to your website. (Non Georgia Tech domain names require special consideration)
  6. Grant administration, editing and/or commenting access to other Georgia Tech community members.
  7. Restrict Site Access to Georgia Tech Community members only.
What can I NOT do with Sites@Georgia Tech?

The following list is not all-inclusive, but highlights the most notable limitations of the Sites@Georgia Tech service, namely that you can not:

  1. Install your own plugins or themes.
  2. Access the site from the command line via SSH, SFTP, or any other mechanism.
  3. Any activity prohibited by Georgia Tech Policy.
Can sensitive data be stored on Sites@Georgia Tech?

Sites@Georgia Tech is a shared hosting resource intended primarily for public facing websites. While it provides some mechanisms for limiting access, it is not the proper place to store data or files that you would not want the world to be able to see.

We highly recommend using Office 365’s SharePoint or Georgia Tech Dropbox to store sensitive files, not Sites@Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech provides a directory of cloud services available for storing sensitive data.

All site owners on Sites@Georgia Tech are responsible for their site content, data, and files that are stored in their websites. Any public exposure becomes the full responsibility of the website owner.

Can I add a non-GT user to a Sites@Georgia Tech website?

To add a non-GT user to a site, you will need to create a GT guest account for that none GT user. Guest account creation and management is available via self-service through the Georgia Tech Passport Web site.