Journal Paper Published in Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science

The role of shared mental models in human-AI teams: a theoretical review

Robert W. Andrews, J. Mason Lilly, Divya Srivastava & Karen M. Feigh

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Author: swalsh40

Sarah is working toward her PhD in Robotics at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Her research focuses on the development of shared mental models at the intersection of AI interpretability and human behavior analysis to improve human-AI collaboration in team decision-making tasks. Sarah grew up in Tuckerton, New Jersey. She received her BS in Mathematics from Stockton University and completed her BS in Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers University. After working at the Stevens Institute of Technology and Sandia National Laboratories, Sarah chose to continue her education at Georgia Tech. After graduation, Sarah plans to leverage her training and experience to begin her professional career as a research scientist driving innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence and user-experience.

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