STARLIT – xGEO Wargames

This project aims to design wargames for space scenarios for the next 20 years, particularly in the xGEO domain. The xGEO domain presents new challenges as many operators do not have experience in this domain, resulting in training gaps. We are focused on designing scenarios specific to the cislunar space. Starting now, this project is expected to be completed in the next two years. Presently, we have outlined the basic learning and research objectives.

Our game will focus on a lunar mining operation that involves transferring and monitoring tools to the Moon, extracting resources from the lunar surface, and returning the resources to Earth. Adversarial operations are also present that simultaneously attempt to accomplish similar missions. Our game seeks to realistically model the operations needed on Earth, in space, and on the Moon, the uncertainties that result from environmental factors, and the conflict and possible interactions between rivals. Such a mission requires the integration of sensing and monitoring, astrodynamics, and cognitive engineering. The CEC is focused on the cognitive engineering aspect of this mission, while CU Boulder and Texas A&M are focused on the sensing and astrodynamics aspects respectively. Some of our research goals include designing methods to assess and score the performance of decision-makers (especially when considering environmental uncertainties), determining how well we can integrate autonomy into the scenario, how well human operators would be comfortable with it, and how the vastness and time scale in space come into the play of decision making.