• Prof. Feigh Participates in NASA’s Imagin Aviation Workshop


    Prof. Karen Feigh participated in the Imagin Aviation Workshop Panel that discussed Advanced Air Mobility: Moving Through the Tech and Innovation Lifecycle. The outlook for aviation is looking decidedly futuristic with capabilities like eVTOL air taxis, autonomous regional transport, and drone delivery already on the horizon. Advanced air mobility (AAM) has captured the public’s imagination…

  • Jack Kolb completes his Thesis Proposal


    February 1, 2024: Jack Kolb completes his thesis proposal on “Applying User Cognitive State to Human-Robot Interaction and Role Assignment” Abstract: Robots are increasingly deployed to support individuals in high-workload or closely collaborative environments across various operational domains. However, limited research has explored how robots can actively leverage a user’s cognitive state to personalize their…

  • Divya Srivastava successfully defends her dissertation


    November 14, 2023: Divya Srivastava successfully defends her Ph.D. Dissertation titled ‘Transparency and Operator Performance in Human-Autonomy Teams’. Abstract: AI-advised Decision Making is a form of human-autonomy teaming in which an AI recommender system suggests a solution to a human operator, who is responsible for the final decision. This dissertation work seeks to empower and most…