Poster Sessions

Empirical likelihood inference for the mean difference with right-censored data via i.i.d. decomposition

Speaker: Kangni Alemdjrodo (Georgia State University)

Adaptive design for Gaussian process regression under censoring

Speaker: Jialei Chen (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Nonparametric Regression on Low Dimensional Manifolds using Deep ReLU Neural Networks

Speaker: Minshuo Chen (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Joint Estimation and Regularized Aggregation of Brain Network in fMRI Data

Speaker: Jongik Chung (University of Georgia)

Empirical Likelihood Inference for the Mean Past Lifetime Function

Speaker: Edem Defor (Georgia State University)

Traffic events modeling via tail-up Hawkes processes

Speaker: Ruyi Ding (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Latent Class Regression Modeling of Competing Risks Data

Speaker: Teng Fei (Emory University)

A Combined Physical-Statistical Approach for Estimating Storm Surge Risk

Speaker: Whitney Huang (School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences/Clemson University)

On Scalable and Efficient Computation of Large Scale Optimal Transport

Speaker: Haoming Jiang (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Robust Experimental Designs for Model Calibration

Speaker: Arvind Krishna

Differentially Private Goodness of Fit Test for Continuous Random Variable

Speaker: Seungwoo Kwak (Department of Statistics, University of Georgia)

Small Area Estimation Under Insufficient Auxiliary Information

Speaker: Juhyung Lee (University of Georgia)

Police Beats Redesign for South Fulton City

Speaker: Yongsuk Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Implicit Bias of Gradient Descent based Adversarial Training on Separable Data

Speaker: Yan Li (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation with Word Level Adaptive Layer-wise Domain Mixing

Speaker: Chen Liang (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Towards Understanding the Importance of Noise in Training Neural Networks

Speaker: Tianyi Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Police Beats Redesign for South Fulton City

Speaker: Le Lu (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Latent Scale Prediction Model for Network Valued Covariates

Speaker: Xin Ma (Emory University)

Empirical Likelihood Confidence Interval for Sensitivity to Early Disease Stage

Speaker: Husneara Rahman (Georgia State University)

Empirical likelihood inference for the bivariate distribution function under right censoring

Speaker: Faysal Satter (Georgia State University)

NetAct: a computational algorithm to construct core transcription factor regulatory network using gene activity

Speaker: KENONG SU (Emory University)

Surface Treatment and Characterization for Digital Composite Joining and Repair

Speaker: Hongzhen Tian

Ranking Features to Promote Diversity: An Approach Based on Sparse Distance Correlation

Speaker: Andi Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Communities and Brokers: How the Transnational Advocacy Network Simultaneously Provides Social Power and Exacerbates Global Inequalities

Speaker: Ye Wang and Huimin Cheng (University of Georgia)

Asynchronous Multi-Sensor Change-Point Detection

Speaker: Liyan Xie (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Large-scale optimal transport map estimation using projection pursuit

Speaker: Mengrui Zhang (University of Georgia)

Rapid Detection of Hot-spot by Tensor Decomposition on Space and Circular Time with Application to Weekly Gonorrhea Data

Speaker: Yujie Zhao (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Adversarial Anomaly Detection for Marked Spatio-Temporal Streaming Data

Speaker: Shixiang Zhu (Georgia Institute of Technology)