3 Weeks: Stay in Metz, France
  • Lecture-style classes are held Monday-Friday at Georgia Tech Lorraine
  • Day trips to surrounding areas such as Strasbourg; Luxembourg
  • Long day weekends for independent travel

1 Week: Stay in Paris, France
  • Visits to sites such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Assemblée Nationale, and le Sénat
  • Opportunities to meet professionals within the French government and think tanks
  • Free time to explore all that Paris has to offer
3 Weeks: Home Stay in Brussels, Belgium
  • Visits to the EU Parliament, EU Commission, Council of EU, the European External Action Service, think tanks, as well as the headquarters of NATO and SHAPE
  • Students stay with host families that provide breakfast and dinner each night
  • Site visits to Google Europe, Human Rights Watch, US Mission to the EU, Bruegel
  • Plenty of free time as well as day trips to picturesque Bruges and Ghent
2 Weeks: Stay in Bucharest, Romania
  • Visits to sites such as the Palatul Parliamentuli, Institute for the Quality of Life and the Romanian Ministry of Defense
  • Opportunities to meet professionals within the Romanian military and research communities
  • Free time to explore surrounding Transylvanian countryside or Romanian beaches
4 Days: Stay in Garmisch and Munich, Germany
  • Visits to sites such as the George Marshall Center, Dachau Concentration Camp, and Hofbrauhaus
  • Opportunities to interface with security experts and learn more about the Third Reich and birth of the EU
  • Free time to take in the grandeur of the German Alps and explore charming Garmisch and bustling Munich

*this itinerary is subject to change

2019 EU Study Abroad Itinerary

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