Isheeta Mukherjee, ISyE 2022

“The EU Program was actually a big factor in my decision to come to Georgia Tech, and it was well worth it! This program is so unique in the fact that we go above and beyond taking classes. This immersive experience gave me the opportunity to speak with some of Europe’s most influential decision-makers of international institutions, to experience life as a local with my host family, and to travel across various EU countries. It all allowed me to have the best academic and cultural experience. I learned so much through this well-crafted program while making some unforgettable memories.”


         Marc Maquiling, ME 2022

“The EU program was an incredibly unique combination of international affairs education, cultural immersion, and exploration. Bouncing around Europe, the program offers an opportunity to dive deep into several European cultures while tapping into each location’s unique political and social individualities to enhance the courses. As a mechanical engineering major, the program also allowed me to round out my engineering education with intangible skills like communication, policy analysis, and professionalism. But most important of all, the program was incredibly fun – I’ll never forget summiting a German snow-capped mountain, enjoying time with my host family in the outskirts of Brussels, having some of the best food I’ve ever had, and making friendships I took back with me to Tech.”


        Agnes McCarty, INTA 2021

“The EU program is an incredible experience and I recommend it to anyone considering studying abroad! Not only do you get to visit and experience important EU and government bodies, but you are always moving and learning! We had the opportunity to visit a diverse array of places, from Bucharest to Mont St. Michel, each place offering another interpretation of what the EU means to the continent. I was able to share this incredible opportunity with the most amazing group of people, and it was so much fun becoming friends while exploring Europe!”



              Jacob Ward, ISyE 2021

“Attending the EU Program with Dr. Birchfield was my most valuable college experience. My perspective on world politics was honed and improved through all of the personal interactions with European Union officials. I learned about the history of one of the most important projects of the 20th century: the EU as a European peace project. While I stayed with my host family in Belgium, I learned about how the EU policies actually impacted everyday European citizens. Outside of the academic experience, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate in Paris after France won the World Cup. The EU Program was a transformational experience and I will always be grateful for Dr. Birchfield for putting the time and effort to support this program.”


          Jack Sheldon, IAML 2022

“What I loved most about the EU program was the people and places that it connected me to. Traveling Europe with twenty other passionate students, a great TA, and outstanding faculty is truly a priceless experience. Dr. Birchfield and Dr. Markley have remained close contacts and peers; I have worked with them to find internships, conduct research, and develop my career and academic interests. I made lifelong friends and memories on this program that I wouldn’t trade for the world!”