ABLE Allies

Having a disability (albeit physical disability, mental health condition, learning disability, or other such defined challenge) is absolutely not a prerequisite to join, volunteer, or support ABLE Alliance.  We are literally open to everyone; no one is distinguished based on any characteristic or lack thereof.  We consider all who who support our mission to improve disability inclusion at Georgia Tech as “allies“.

ABLE alliance realizes that many allies are necessary to embark the positive change and impact to which we aspire.  We want to work with individuals, existing organizations or groups, industry contracts, and non-profit organizations, to accomplish lasting change.  Some of the ways allies can assist ABLE Alliance is:

Student or Organizational Volunteering:  ALBE Alliance need “allies” to volunteer to serve at ABLE events and/or joint events.  We would be happy to partner with other students, faculty, or staff to host joint internal or external events or outreach opportunities that address accessiblity & resource sharing, social inclusion & support, and professional development at Georgia Tech or the greater Atlanta community.

Paid Allies via Student Disability Services: ABLE Alliance is partnering with Study Disability Services to ensure allies are available to fulfill the vast array of needs and accommodations that the Disability Services office covers.  Georgia Tech Office of Student Disability Services is always looking for allies to improve their services and accommodations of students with disabilities.  Common examples include in-class notetakers and scribes or test scribes at the testing certain.  For example, notetakers are students who are already in the class and are already taken their own personal class notes; such student notetakers actually get paid good money to simply upload copies of the their notes so a student with a disability can access them.  Such paid allies are needed for both undergraduate and graduate courses.  If you are interested, please contact the Georgia Tech Office of Student Disability Services.

Other Paid Allies: Some disabled students on campus are in need of paid assistance for a variety of needs, some of which require special training (personal care attendant), but many needs require no special training (purchasing groceries, serving as a guide, assisting with common house cleaning or chores).  If you have an interest in serving in such a capacity or you have a need for a paid ally, please feel free to Contact Us, and we can assist in matching you.  Longer term, we plan to keep a list as part of our resource management thrust.

ABLE Alliance Sponsors:  ABLE Alliance currently requires no membership fees, and we want to keep it that way if at all possible.  We are greatly supportive of sponsors who desire to help fund events.  Key budget items are event food costs, facility fees, and speaker fees, etc.  ABLE Alliance is most appreciative of generous individuals or companies who willing to offset our organizational expenses.  If you desire to become a sponsor, please Contact Us.  Recognition and advertisement of sponsor support is also a possibilty.