Our Leadership

Robert “Trey” Quinn (President):  Trey is an undergraduate in computer science.  Trey has a physical disability due to cerebral palsy, but it has never stopped his tenacious spirit, remarkable intelligence, or his passion to make an impact on the world.  Trey has lead many disability advocacy events in his lifetime.  Trey is now leading the charge of ABLE Alliance and its pillars of advocacy, inclusion, and professional development.

Anabel Alfonso (Vice President): Anabel is an undergraduate in biomedical engineering.  As an experienced personal care attendant for multiple patients, Anabel has a wonderful and caring personality, and is a vociferous ally for disability inclusion.  She has the distinct honor being the first ABLE ally! Annabel is directing and improving ABLE chief organizational operational infrastructure and coordination.

Spencer Hayes (Treasurer):  Spencer is an undergraduate in chemical engineering.  Spencer is using his technical and leadership skills to make an impact on campus for broader diversity and inclusion, including disability advocacy.  As treasurer, Spencer is grow funding for ABLE Alliance to rocket its capabilities and momentum for hosting events.

Anna Kirpatrick (Social Chair):  Anna is a graduate student in the algorithms, optimization, and combinatorics Ph.D. program.  Anna has a multi-faceted physical and sensory disability.   Anna is passionate about disability inclusion, and as social chair, has a goal of making sure persons of all abilities do not suffer from isolation, but rather have a vibrant and social group of peers.  Anna  is leading the organization of social events and interactions for ABLE.

Kiera Patterson (Professional Chair): Kiera is a graduate student in the MBA program and a former GT undergraduate alumnus, where she received a B.S. in industrial engineering.  Kiera has a physical disability, but she has literally rolled through her academic and professional life with great success.  Kiera is empowering persons of all abilities to take charge of their professional career path.  Kiera is leading the professional mentoring program and establishing industry contacts for future ABLE events.

Dr. Cassie S. Mitchell (Faculty Co-Advisor):  Dr. Mitchell is an Assistant Professor in biomedical engineering.  As a quadriplegic, Dr. Mitchell has conquered many challenges to succeed athletically as a USA Paralympic Track & Field team medalist and professionally as Principal Investigator of the Laboratory for Pathology Dynamics.  Her “Never, never, never give up,” motto equally applies to her service and dedication to student mentees and ABLE Alliance.  Mitchell is also Associate Director of Diversity & Outreach in Machine Learning.  Mitchell is assisting ABLE leaders and members with mentoring, advising, and operational assistance.

Dr. Michelle Rinehart (Faculty Co-Advisor): Dr. Rinehart is an Associate Dean in the College of Design. Dr. Rinehart has been improving accessibility for her entire career.  She is extending her design skills and experience to positively impact the next generation of ABLE students and ABLE allies.  Her goals  are to enable student success through passionate and innovative teaching and outreach.  Rinehart is assisting ABLE leaders and members with mentoring, advising, and operational assistance.