Professional Development

ABLE Alliance is currently working on new professional development opportunities for our members and allies.  We will announce more details as events are finalized. Key thrusts are mentoring, professional events, and industry partners.

Professional & Career Mentoring:  ABLE Alliance is working on pairing mentors and mentees for professional mentoring and career development.  Mentoring could include student-faculty/staff pairs, faculty/staff-faculty/staff pairs, and students-industry contact pairs.  If you are interested in being mentored or being a mentee, please email us using the information on our Contact Us page.

Professional Events:  ABLE Alliance will be hosting seminars, panels, and mixers that include academic or industry partners.  Professional events focus on navigating  applications, interviews, accommodations, and job duties with any form of disability (physical disability, learning disability, mental health disability, etc.).

Industry Partners: ABLE Alliance is actively pairing with industry partners to enhance relationships, access, and interactions between industry companies desiring to hire motivated and talented students of all abilities.  If your company would like to sponsor an ABLE event, please contact us using our email on the Contact Us page.