Social Events

Able Alliance is dedicated to improving disability inclusion via ongoing social events on campus that connect allies of all backgrounds.  We want everyone–students, faculty, and staff–to feel socially connected and supported.  Having a disability can be challenging, and scientific research has shown that feeling isolated is more common among persons with a disability.  Socializing with persons of disability should be no different than socializing with persons that do not have a disability.  At ABLE Alliance, we want to encourage a network of allies that lean on each other for advice, companionship, and just plain old fun!  Our social events will always be mixed gatherings of allies from all backgrounds, and everyone at Georgia Tech is always welcome.

We will post our social events on our website and disseminate information via our official Georgia Tech email list serve.  Go to Contact Us to sign up to be on our email list or request to add “able-alliance” on your Georgia Tech email subscriptions when you login to