Throwback Thursday with The Boys

Happy Throwback Thursday! This week we interviewed Eric Biederman and Marshall Todd of The Boys. Their team set out to develop design guidelines and optimized solution for oversized aluminum doors. Keep reading to learn more!

Q: Could you give us a brief description of your project for those who may not know about it?

A: Predict, model, and analyze performance of oversized aluminum framed glass entry doors

Q: Where did you first draw inspiration for the idea of the “Design & Predict Performance: Oversized Aluminum Doors,” for your Capstone Design Project?

A: Kawneer, our sponsor (we were intrigued by structural FEA heavy project)

Q: What was the design process like and how did you and your teammates come together to finish your project?

A: Design: hand calc for conservative prediction, very accurate modeling and validation, FEA results and recommendations, (split up team to produce deliverables – hand calc prediction guide and HOW-to-FEA guide)

Q: What were some of the problems that you faced along the way and how did you overcome those obstacles?

A: Problems: FEA validation time. Slowly but surely became more familiar with the model and software, simplified geometry and gained better understanding of boundary conditions

Q: How did it feel to present your project virtually?

A: Okay with our virtual project because all computer work, can see how it’d be more difficult for projects with prototypes ⁃ Would’ve been nice to create a scaled down prototype of our door to verify our FEA results after running tests (get to see their facility)

Q: How did it feel to work with Kawneer Company, Inc. and how did they help you with the creation of your project?

A: Kawneer reps were very good to work with: 3 people, 1 was overall project management, they supplied us with specific hand calculations, many data points across their whole door catalog, and model/FEA help

Q: What do you think made your team successful in creating your project?

A: Everybody stayed involved and informed in all overall aspects of project, but split up to complete deliverables (others review and check for total completion)

Q: Do you have any advice for future teams?

A: . Find a team the prior semester, have idea of what you want to get out of capstone! Your teammates and a common understanding of your goals for the project are key for a great experience

Q: What are all of your members planning to do beyond GT?

A: Eric: grad school, George: grad school, Marshall: factory automation systems, Jake: Ravenvolt, James: Navy, William: Seaworld

Thank you Eric and Marshall for sharing your project with us!