GT@SC20 HPC Poster Show Proceedings

A1 – High – Fidelity Multi-Physics Modeling Tools for Next-Generation Nuclear Reactors

A2 -High Performance Computing in Emissions and Air Quality Modeling: Case Study in Atlanta, GA

A3 РTT-REC: Tensor Train Compression for Deep Learning Recommendation Model Embeddings 

A4 – Distributed – memory parallel symmetric nonnegative matrix factorization

A5 – Colombian Genome Diversity Project

A6 – GenTen Performance Portable Dense TTM Kernals

A7 – Machine Intelligent and Timely Data Management for Hybrid Memory Systems

A8 – Parallel Graph Algorithms by Blocks

A9 – Team Phoenix: Georgia Institute of Technology

A10 РTransformer Models Detect Inequities in EV Charging Infrastructure 

A11 – Online Model Swapping for Architectural Simulation

A12 – HIVE Gateway

B1 РSARMA: SPatiAl Rectilinear Matrix pArtitioning 

B2 – Numerical Investigations of Rotating Detonation Engines (RDE)

B3 – Redoc: Generating User Software Guides from Regression Tests

B4 – Fixed-Voltage QM/MM with PME Summation

B5 – Memory Centric Sparse Data Reduction Techniques

B6 -Improving HPC Node Efficiency through Unsupervised Learning

B7 – Finding Dense Areas of Massive Changing Graphs

B8 – DAG Partitioning and its Applications in HPC

B9 – Fixed-point Arithmetic of Redundant Residue Number System

Winning poster and 2 runner up winners to be announced at 7:20 PM ET 10.16.20