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Han Huang

Georgia Institute of Technology

Email: hhuang421 at gatech dot edu

I am a visiting assistant professor in School of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology. My mentors are Konstantin Tikhomirov and Galyna Livshyts. In 2019, I received my Math Ph.D. from University of Michigan under the supervision of my advisor Mark Rudelson.

Publications & Preprints

  1. Singularity of Bernoulli matrices in the sparse regime pn=O(log(n)) [arXiv]
  2. (with J. Hao,  G.Livshyts, and K.Tikhomirov) Distribution of the minimal distance of random linear codes, submitted  [arXiv]
  3. (with K. Tikhomirov) A remark on the smallest singular value of powers of Gaussian matrices, Electronic Communications in Probability [arXiv]
  4. (with O. Giladi, C. Schütt, and E. Werner)  Constrained convex bodies with extremal affine surface areas, Journal of Functional Analysis [arXiv]
  5. (with M. Rudelson) Size of nodal domains of the eigenvectors of a G(n,p) graph, Random Structures & Algorithms [arXiv]
  6. (with B. Slomka, T. Tkocz, B.-H. Vritsiou) Improved bounds for Hadwiger’s covering problem via thin-shell estimates, submitted [arXiv]
  7. (with B. Slomka and E. Werner) Ulam Floating Body, Jounral of the London Math Society, to appear [arXiv]
  8. (with B. Slomka) Approximations of convex bodies by measure-generated sets, Geometriae Dedicata, to appear [arXiv]
  9. John’s position is not good for approximation. Israel Journal of Mathematics, to appear [arXiv]
  10. John Ellipsoid and the Center of Mass. Discrete and Computational Geometry, to appear [Jounral] [arXiv]
  11. (with F. Wei) Upper Bound for the Dvoretzky Dimension in the Milman-Schechtman Theorem. Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis: Israel Seminar (GAFA) 2014–2016, 181-186 [Journal] [arXiv]