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Come see how Georgia Tech students have turned their invention ideas into working prototypes!

What is the I2P Showcase?

Idea to Prototype (I2P) is a signature element of CREATE-X MAKE. In I2P, students get faculty mentors, guidance, seed funding, and additional university resources to build functional prototypes of their ideas. Students earn three undergraduate research credit hours for each semester they enroll in the course (up to six maximum). 

The Idea 2 Prototype Showcase is the cumulative event for I2P.  At the end of the semester, student teams present their prototypes to the public. A prize will be awarded for first, second and third place as well. This event is an opportunity for students to receive feedback on products that might go on to become a successful startup venture.

Student Project Gallery

Propel Prosthetics

A lower-body limb or an upper-body limb prosthetic that utilizes additive manufacturing, origami engineering, and compliant mechanisms for reduction of manufacturing cost, and foster solutions for user’s issues.

LANOS (Leadership And Networking Opportunities for Students)

Our invention idea is a professional networking platform that connects high school students to organizations that provide volunteer, leadership, and career development opportunities

The Art of Productivity

To develop an intelligent planner and productivity app for students that incorporates researched psychology proven methods for increasing overall productivity. 

GT Smart Desk

A smart desk to be implemented into the dorms that’s modular and works with any project needs


Telemedicine device that enables video communication on TVs for elder adults using a RaspberryPi.


The idea is to develop an origami-flasher based soft robot to actuate bionic prosthetic devices, and therefore mimic radial muscle movements in different parts of our body.


Flaer is a one-of-a-kind matchmaking platform leveraging advanced algorithms to help nonprofit organizations discover and manage partnerships.

Revolut Art

A social platform for artists where they can find online communities and be their true self. 


Sensorized, compression athletic-wear that uses haptic technology and audio cues to improve the weightlifting form of gym-goers


VISIO aims to create a novel low-cost wearable device, improving upon existing solutions, that would assist the visually impaired population with effectively detecting obstacles in their environment allowing for a safe and independent means of navigation.

Laser Scarecrow

A laser turret that recognizes birds and points a laser beam to scare them.

Sift Data Solutions

We understand that there is no one form of clean data, so data cleaning cannot have a one size fits all solution so our tool finds the problems in your data and allows you to decide how to address them. 


A dating app that upends the typical dating process where the user sets up a date and then chooses who to go with


Modular cell product recommendation and optimization for small businesses to integrate onto their platforms.


Cheers is a new social network to help users to build intentional relationships, to steward their time well, and to avoid the negative mental health impacts of existing social medias.


A financial trading bot capable of making automated trades based on complex algorithms in a high frequency time period


A Makerspace management system

Esra Investments

Esra Investments is building an asynchronous, automated algorithmic trading bot, which utilizes mathematical strategies and machine learning, to make profitable, short-term trades.

Scanner Lab

Mechanical device to help scanning film using DSLR cameras


We’re creating a new social media paradigm based around dynamic social bubbles and plans.


We want to prototype a test tube “drill” that can unscrew the lids of a rack of screw-top test tubes at once. 


Our idea is to create a device that can easily be attached to skateboards (and potentially other boards) in order to track movement and provide accurate information about the tricks that are being performed. 

TotemID Diagnostics

Our invention is a single-use medical device that can be applied to screen for COVID-19 in an at-home setting.


Blackout app to help people track their friends when they go out and make sure everyone is safe.


We want to create an investment strategy development tool dedicated to empowering groups of retail investors to help each other grow their returns.


Sal-gae is an algae-based, nutrition-packed salsa that provides essential amino acids and proteins to accommodate an individual’s daily recommended intake. 

Leaf Notes

An AI-powered note-taking app for college students.


My idea is an app where high school seniors can request college tours led by current students while visiting the college on their own time.

A Priori

This project aims to take recycled HDPE and combine it with bio-plastic to create in-style, recyclable, and expressive handbags.

Real-Time Active Filtering for HUDs

My idea is to create a camera-LCD HUD (Heads-Up Display)/glasses capable of actively shading pixels of the LCD relative to where bright light sources are.


A catheter that helps prevent occlusion from biofilm.


A website for creators and hobbyists to hold live video calls with a small group to spread knowledge through discussions.

EZ Lease

Subleasing app for students and young professionals.

Kiwi - Price Comparison

We want to create a browser extension that uses machine learning techniques to compare prices of fashion clothing across different online retailers. It will also provide integrated information to customers, such as shipping info, coupon, and product ratings.

The Water Bottle Company

An easy user-installed, hydro-powered device that re-directs incoming cold water at the beginning of each shower to a water storage unit located on the toilet (that automatically refills the toilet) or a detachable container with a handle (that the user can use to transport water wherever it is needed), allowing water to flow through the shower head only when the user’s desired temperature has been met, creating the perfect, water conservative shower that can be implemented even in smart homes.

Driving Simulator

Volunteer Hour Tracker for Organizations. Allows hours to be easily tracked and managed from an organization’s point of view. Tracking, editing, managing student hours, for instance.


Our project is to create a low-cost wearable haptic feedback device for hearing-impaired people in developing countries, to alert them to important sound based stimuli in their daily surroundings.

Klean Cages

Our idea is The Klean Cage, a small animal habitat with a unique fallout floor design, allowing for a simplistic cleaning process that saves pet owners significant amounts of time.


OCR software package for medical clerks and doctors for searching and gaining insight from fax communications


A supportive and comfortable bra with an adjustable, front enclosure achieved with an elastic band and a G-hook. 


Sous is a smart system to automate the cooking of meats.









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We are a Georgia Tech initiative to instill entrepreneurial confidence in students and empower them to launch successful startups. 

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